A Moment

I enjoy when Jake and I do lyrical dances around our house to various pieces of music. And we can stand on the furniture, or leap off even, without anyone telling us it's not good for it.

(Sometimes - I jump on our bed.)


I am on the eighteenth page of my first screenplay. I need to turn in fifteen pages by tomorrow for my midterm in none other than, "Writing for Stage/Screen." We're really supposed to have two pages per week and its been that way since the beginning of the semester. Instead, I had seven pages total at the start of this day and now I have my over achieving number. I think that it will make a better novel than screenplay, at least in my writing. I'm really excited about that. I loved sitting down to write what I did today. I could have gone on, but it would have been too shocking for me. Anyway, I will finally have time to sit and write the novel next semester during "Advanced Writing." I'm really exited at the chance to do so. If I end up writing something. If I change my mind about the actual novel then I think it would be really great to write a series of "short-shorts."

Anyway, I'm writing this after reading Sarah's blog about finally getting to do something from her computer but being sad that so much was wiped out. I read that not long after I told Jake how much I love my little green disk that holds all of the stuff from my screen writing class as well as my poetry workshop. I've never used one until this semester.

At any rate, the first new CSI: Miami in a long time is about to start.


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