Dat Hipity Hop

So there's a STOMP team at OCU...TOTALLY WANT TO BE ON IT! I talked to a girl who tried out for it, well, she halfway tried out, she quit in the middle because she said she knew she just didn't have enough rhythm. Her name is Ronisha, she works with me. Moenike Sims started the STOMP team just last year. She was Miss Black Oklahoma in 2002 or 2003. Anyway, Ronisha told me that they really want to see the way you can freestyle during auditions, so they can see your rhythm. They don't want us to look like dancing robots, but to have spirit enough to move to the beat. I suppose that's so they know we can make our own. I pulled out the hippity hoppiest cd I have, and I hope that Jake doesn't get sick of it by the time Fall rolls around because that's when auditions are. I don't usually tell people I'm auditioning for things, just incase I don't get them, but I steer away from auditions anyway, because I always fear the outcome too much to ever allow one to happen. My new theme is bravery. It's silly to miss out on the things I want to do in life because I'm afraid of a little rejection. Maybe getting ready for auditions will be the way I shed the "just married weight." WOOO-HOOO!!! to that one!


Jake's old church, Community of Christ, puts on a big thing for the Youth every summer called SPEC. He was invited to come back and play for the musical that they put on. Last year it was Footloose, this year it's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, which Jake loves. The man who directs/conducts the show was the one who invited Jake and eventually he wants Jake to take his job, which would be GREAT for him. I'm going with Jake and wanted to take a few classes, like ceramics. The man emailed us about flight info and such and asked if I would be willing to teach a ceramics class. WOWZA! I would love to, and I think I would be pretty decent at it, it's just that I've never actually "worked" the kiln before, and I'm sure it's not too hard, but it gets hot, and what if it explodes and I destroy this university's kiln? I think I might feel safer playing softball. And if I were brave I would audition for the musical.

I'm the lion, GROWL!!!

I wish I was the lion...G-R-O-W-L!!!!!!!

Okay, so I'm working on courage. All in all, I think they will be paying about $1,500 for Jake and me to get there and stay a week. I think that's why I don't want to say no, even though I know I shouldn't feel obligated.


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