A million things. And I need your opinion.

I have about a million things to write about. But I'm not going to do it all at once.

[Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? I didn't think so.]

But really, this week has been really amazing for me. Good for my body. Good for my soul. Minus the four cinnamon rolls I had for breakfast this morning, but while that was certainly not good for my body, it felt really good. Er, it tasted really good.

I just got back from a family camp with Jake's mom and the congregation of the Community of Christ Jake grew up in. Every summer, all of the congregations in the Oklahoma Mission Center (the OMC used to be made up of different districts) gather together for this camp they call "Reunion." Jake grew up going to it, and it's very near and dear to his heart. I'm glad that my little family is enjoying this tradition as well. "Reunion" is the perfect name for this gathering because the connections are so warm and loving just like those in a family when you feel achy to see and love on certain people. We all meet together at Saint's Grove Campground about 15 minutes east of Stillwater. I shared lots of wonderful conversations, some were very enlightening to me and where I am in my personal faith journey. I feel like a few posts could come from Reunion, but I want to touch on one very specific thing first...

I taught an elective course this year: Yoga. I've never taught yoga before, but I loved it. We centered our practice around the overall daily camp theme (Right Relationships, Grace and Generosity, and God's Justice). I loved creating and sharing an experience with those who came to my class. I can't wait to do it again next year, and it has lit the flame inside of me that has wanted to begin the journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher. You know, legit.

And lastly, I need glasses. My vision problems have been very minor. After I had Cora, I felt they were pretty much corrected, but no longer. I don't think my vision is really very bad, but I think my astigmatism has become worse. What's a girl to do? Go try on every Warby Parker frame at Shop Good. I narrowed it down, and then decided to do the 5-day test run. It's really between two, but I decided to share all 5 of the frames I got in the trial.





I've placed a little poll on the right side of my blog under the "About Me" section. Please vote for the frames you like best. ;)


  1. Is Community of Christ a Mormon-based group? Just wondering because several communities use that phrase.

  2. Community of Christ is the name of an actual denomination. It may or may not be "Mormon-based" in the way you are thinking.

    The Community of Christ changed its name from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints around the year 2000. A mini history lesson if you're not familiar with this church and the "Mormon" (LDS) church: After Joseph Smith was killed in Carthage, IL - while the body of the early church was living in Nauvoo - there were two main groups that split: 1. The LDS church that followed Brigham Young as their new prophet and headed west to Utah. 2. The RLDS church (Community of Christ) stayed in Nauvoo and believed that the lineage of the prophet would fall in Joseph Smith's family line - They stayed in Nauvoo, though are now headquartered in Independence, MO.

    The churches definitely share the same restoration history, though that history might sound different depending on who you ask, but they are quite different from each other today.

    You can find out more about Community of Christ here: http://www.cofchrist.org

    And the LDS church here: http://www.lds.org/

  3. Yoga is a great practice~ you would be a great teacher.

  4. I love the new glasses and posted a response- as frequently happens I posted a response :) Yea for inspiration.......



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