One of the greatest things I've ever seen.

I was at the awards ceremony for the music school tonight (I have a story that goes with that that I will tell further down the page) with Jake. At the very end of the ceremony they gave an award for outstanding vocalist. As she, Tiffany Borelli (don't know if that's exactly how her last name is spelled), walked up to get her award she was given a standing ovation by the crowd. We were at a table right behind her family. Her grandpa was there and it's no lie to say that age has taken its toll on his body...Anyway, as everyone stood to applaud his granddaughter he struggled for a moment to grip the table and gain momentum and then he rose up out of his seat and joined the rest of the room in celebration. I couldn't help but let a few tears escape. It made me really miss my grandpa for a second (he passed away my sophomore in high school). They look nothing alike, but had the same rocking momentum. I hope if he were here he would struggle to his feet with pride for me (more tears again).

Okay, to my little story. The music awards and the college of arts and science awards were basically at the same time. M: 6:30 - A&S 7:00. I went to the dinner with Jake in the beginning and then left at 7:40 to go and get my award because I was later in the program. I walk out of the reception hall and see that it is POURING down rain. I went to the kitchen to see what I could find and found some garbage bags. I ripped a hole in the top of a big one to wear over my body and wrapped a smaller one around my head and raced off to the chapel. I got there, but I was TOO LATE! They were already passed my award. I stayed for the last ten minutes and then went up to the stage to ask for my award. I felt good, better than receiving it with the recognition of everyone in the room because the Assistant Dean gave it to me, shook my hand, and gave me my own personal ovation. I then left, went out to the lobby, that was now full of people, and put my trash bags on and headed back to the music school. I made it, but not before a really scary thunder clap. I ditched the bags in the same place I'd originally found them, put my flat hair up into a ponytail (and reapplyed some lipstick), and got back to the music school ceremony in time for the last two awards...the last of which I mentioned above. It was a nice evening...the kind that makes me very thankful for my little private university in the heart of Oklahoma City.


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