Funny Sayings, and a bit of last week's happenings

One of my favorite things about daily life in my family is what my girls say as they are trying to make sense of any number of things in life. Some are very deep and lovely, and make me think and grow. And some are so funny. I returned home from Utah yesterday. I'd been gone for 6 days, the longest I've ever been away from my girls. I couldn't wait to get home! I think I cried twice while I was gone just because I missed their sweet faces and funny sayings. (And their kisses and cuddles, and every single thing about them.)

Magnolia said two super funny things today. Sadly, I can only remember one. Tonight was Food Truck night at their school. Before we left home, we were looking over the menus of the food trucks and relaying vegan options. When Magnolia wasn't satisfied with any of her options, she stormed off while exclaiming,
"Mom! Why do we always have to eat vegan stuff!?" Then she quickly turned back and declared, "I'll have the tofu sandwich!"
With the exception of desserts, she is as vegan as can be. (She did not have the "tofu sandwich," but I did, and it was a delicious báhn mì.)

This school year is off to a good start. We switched their schools the week before school started. It's a kind of long story that involves paying tuition to the private school they'd been attending or covering much-needed orthodontic care out-of-pocket that Cora is finally ready to receive. We chose orthodontic care. The good news is that they've been happy to leave for school in the morning and happy when we pick them up. I left for Utah on their third day of school. I planned the trip before they switched schools, so I was fretting not being able to talk things out with them each day. Luckily, it's been a pretty smooth transition.

First Day of school - Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

Casey and Jane had such a sweet wedding in Utah.

Wedding Shenanigans

Reading with Genevieve and Seth

AcroYoga with Jake and BrieAnn

Ever since Jake saw the photos of me doing AcroYoga for the first time at Wanderlust, he has wanted to try it with me. There was a little Acro challenge on Instagram August 1-8, and we decided to participate. Those 8 days were quite interesting! 

To forever document our efforts:


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