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1. Mi familia
2. Summer evenings

1. Things that are out of my control.
2. Not making the most of each day.
3. Thorns in my blackberry cobbler - OUCH!

1. WRITE MORE! and then get everything ready for grad school.
2. Study the scriptures more often.
3. Stop eating so many chocolate chips! AND lose the last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight.

1. I haven't really had time to be crafty in the last long while. I'm obsessed. I want to do so many little things. I need to find some great vintage fabric. My current craft: A butterfly mobile for Cora's room. Jake has never really seen this side of me. It's weird because it feels like I've found a long lost friend.
2. Recycling. I just can't stop thinking about it. I'm the girl who used to make posters and other random celebratory trinkets on Earth Day when I was in elementary school. I'm going to get a smaller trash can for garbage and use our normal trash can in the kitchen for recycling. OKC just allowed a lot more things to go in our "lil' blue." I think I can fill up at least two a week if I just get going with my system. AND I've been looking up the bus schedules. There used to be a stop a block and a half a way from my house, but it's no longer running (POO), the next one is farther than I want to walk with Cora, so I'm going to see what I can do about having that reinstated...AND Walmart has reusable shopping bags for $1.00.
3. I am obsessed with my baby. I can't help it. It's like falling in love - all of the sweet, giddy, crazy brain, jumpy heart stuff.

1. Let's see...I'm a tortilla snob.
2. I make just about every pasta dish with macaroni.
3. I take long luxurious showers - hmm - I USED to take long luxurious showers. Now I hope I can finishing rinsing before a certain someone wakes up or is tired of entertaining herself.

PS: Brittany - I also LOVED nursery. A few Sundays ago I was telling Jake how I missed it.

Now I tag...
Everyone. Go ahead, you know you wanna.


Today was the grand opening of a new Walmart Neighborhood Market. It's so close to our house. I might just say goodbye to the Super Walmart forever. It comes at a good time, too. I went shopping at a Super Target the other day, and it was wonderful. I didn't know how I was going to face the cold linoleum floors at the big WM again. Just as Target has, the new neighborhood market has painted contrete floors...a rich brown. My shopping experience will never be the same. The cheapest stuff in ideal surroundings. It even has a drive-thru pharmacy!


Why do we have to worry about insurance covering medical costs when all we should worry about is living healthy lives? (and why am I continually the middle man between my insurance and doctors...aren't they getting paid to do it right?)

Why are we so persnickety about our water when our tap water is some of the best in the world?

What am I supposed to do with all this time on my hands?

Why is gas $4.00 per gallon?

Why do we still use gas?

Why did someone yell "F- the [something having to do with being gay]" as he drove past the Pride Parade?

Why do Oklahoma drivers licenses expire after 4 years?

Why don't we have any popcicles?

Why haven't I read a book yet this summer?

Where's the best place to look at Stars in OKC?

How high is the tallest swing?

Would it be weird for a 4-month old to start finger painting?

Why do we build so many new things when there are plenty of beautiful old things still full of use?

Why are our trash cans bigger than our recycle bins?

Why don't I write more letters?

Father's Day

I enjoyed Jake's first Father's Day. I felt bad because I didn't get him anything, I was totally willing, but my license expired at the end of April (we found out not very long ago), so I was stuck. We just got home from San Diego on Friday, so we'd been together for a week and a half, and I do not think that far in advance...nor did I know when we left that my license was expired.

We went to Stake Conference and then to Rusty and Melinda's house in Wetumka for a BBQ. After the BBQ, we went to Meemaw and Peepaw's to dig potatoes from their garden (one of my favorite things to do).

Jake is an amazing dad. He is so sweet with Cora. He went from telling me while I was pregnant that our baby wasn't going to poop to being an expert diaper changer/bath giver/baby dresser. I'm proud of the way he is with her. They have a special bond. She loves him. She talks to him in a her own secret code.

I Think I Need Our Baby

Cora was asleep in her crib last night at bedtime. While I was getting ready in the bathroom I kept going back and forth as to whether she should stick it out in her bed or if I should bring her in.

I went into our bedroom and Jake said, "Do you want me to go get her?" I told him I didn't know. I stood there for a second and I said, "Let me try something." He said his prayers and climbed into bed.

He got settled and I curled up against him (what I wanted to try). I haven't been able to really do that in a long time. It was nice. Just as I was thinking about how I missed Cora right there by us, Jake said "I think I need our baby." I smiled. He went and got her, still sound asleep, and put her in the middle. I turned out the light, and we both snuggled around her.


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