Why do we have to worry about insurance covering medical costs when all we should worry about is living healthy lives? (and why am I continually the middle man between my insurance and doctors...aren't they getting paid to do it right?)

Why are we so persnickety about our water when our tap water is some of the best in the world?

What am I supposed to do with all this time on my hands?

Why is gas $4.00 per gallon?

Why do we still use gas?

Why did someone yell "F- the [something having to do with being gay]" as he drove past the Pride Parade?

Why do Oklahoma drivers licenses expire after 4 years?

Why don't we have any popcicles?

Why haven't I read a book yet this summer?

Where's the best place to look at Stars in OKC?

How high is the tallest swing?

Would it be weird for a 4-month old to start finger painting?

Why do we build so many new things when there are plenty of beautiful old things still full of use?

Why are our trash cans bigger than our recycle bins?

Why don't I write more letters?


  1. YOu are so funny!! I had to laugh when I read all those questions- don't we all have days like that?! I am so with you on the insurance thing- IT'S A HUGE PAIN!!

  2. I love your questions and your creative mind.....are you busy this coming week? (I'm not coming on to you). I am posting something for you on my blog.....

  3. You are amazingly fabulous!!! I love your questions, especially the one about the tallest swing! I love the way your mind works! How is my favorite little niece doing? Well, I tagged you, you can look at my blog for the rules, though you don't really have to do it! You are just my favorite cousin so I thought I would pick you!! Love you!!



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