Today was a great day. Vaughn, Tracey and Parker came up and we went to the Paseo Arts Festival. We took them passed our new house, which is really close to the Paseo. I met two blind Dachshunds. One had a fun waggly tail, the other was still and his tail didn't wag at all. We went to lunch and I discovered the Iron Burger. Wow, I can still feel it. 1/2 pound of hamburger, topped with chile and sausage, yep, more meat, and some onion. Then we went to an antique store. I found a real treasure. I'd been looking at old typewriters, but they were too expensive to be practical. At the antique store I found an Underwood Champion. It's a portable typewriter from the 1930's. It usually goes for around $500. I paid about $24.00. At first I could decide if he was a boy or a girl, then Jake said Harper for a name, and I knew she was a girl and that Harper was her name. There's a site called mytypewriter.com. You can look at what kind of typewriters different authors used. Harper Lee happened to use the same typewriter I have. I need to get a new ink ribbon, clean her up a bit, but overall she is beautiful. I wonder who she used to belong to. When we got home I cut Vaughn and Parker's hair. I took a little chunk out of my finger when I was cutting Parker's hair. OUCH! Oh well.

I just watched 115 people become American citizens. That's so few compared to the number who will try an try in vain to get everything worked out to gain citizenship.

A few things

Quite a lot has happened since my last blog, like me getting over the infection that was ailing me.

Graduation was a good time - including a smashing rendition of "Up, up and away" (in my beautiful balloon). I enjoyed all of the family. And my cap turned out quite nice.

I LOVE being a teacher. I'm at the best school ever. I'm waiting to hear about next year. I've had an offer there and one at the other school (Northeast Academy) that I student taught at. I really enjoy my students. They're amazing. I can't imagine being at a better school. The student body is so diverse - it's such a strength - I wish all schools could be that way. We also have a wonderful principal with a vision. I love visionaries. Tonight was their graduation. I sat with the faculty in the cap and gown I wore just a week and a half ago, in the same place I graduated from. It was so sweet. I was incredibly proud. So much potential - it's like the big bang before the bang.

Jake and I found a great new place to live. We wanted to be closer to downtown. I don't even know how many places we'd looked at. On Sunday I looked online at the classifieds and found a new listing in the perfect location. I had to control myself because I was up early and didn't want to wake anyone up. I ended up being the first person to call, and we were the first ones to see it. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Everything we'd seen that nice was so WAY beyond our budget. Everything about this place is perfect. Except for one thing, this is weird, it comes with a washer and dryer. We have our own, so we're figuring out a place to keep it. We've also been seeing if anyone wants to borrow it for the two years we're going to be in OK. We have a sort of sentimental attachment to them. Anywho - it's a duplex. We are on the top floor. There is a big balcony on the front of the building that is ours. It has hardwood floors, two bedrooms, a completely updated kitchen, and the perfect writing nook for me! Did I mention high ceilings and a beautiful fireplace, and storage under the stairs! It's the most beautiful staircase! We'll be right around the corner from a cute little park, three blocks from Edgemere Park, and about a block from the Paseo (OKC's "Arts" district)! We're going to move in June 15th-ish. All right, that's enough for now.

I'm excited about what's going on in life. I'll be really excited when I get to sign an official teaching contract.


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