Today was a great day. Vaughn, Tracey and Parker came up and we went to the Paseo Arts Festival. We took them passed our new house, which is really close to the Paseo. I met two blind Dachshunds. One had a fun waggly tail, the other was still and his tail didn't wag at all. We went to lunch and I discovered the Iron Burger. Wow, I can still feel it. 1/2 pound of hamburger, topped with chile and sausage, yep, more meat, and some onion. Then we went to an antique store. I found a real treasure. I'd been looking at old typewriters, but they were too expensive to be practical. At the antique store I found an Underwood Champion. It's a portable typewriter from the 1930's. It usually goes for around $500. I paid about $24.00. At first I could decide if he was a boy or a girl, then Jake said Harper for a name, and I knew she was a girl and that Harper was her name. There's a site called mytypewriter.com. You can look at what kind of typewriters different authors used. Harper Lee happened to use the same typewriter I have. I need to get a new ink ribbon, clean her up a bit, but overall she is beautiful. I wonder who she used to belong to. When we got home I cut Vaughn and Parker's hair. I took a little chunk out of my finger when I was cutting Parker's hair. OUCH! Oh well.

I just watched 115 people become American citizens. That's so few compared to the number who will try an try in vain to get everything worked out to gain citizenship.


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