Cora's Nursery

We finished Cora's nursery on Memorial Day. Jake and Vaughn (Jake's dad) set up the crib last week, and we've been filling in the gaps. It's to the point where I shall declare it good.

Jake and Vaughn putting the crib together.

Cora hanging out in her bed, even though technically her bed is our bed. We love our cuddly/sleep with us baby!

Another View

Cora's art. The one on the left is a modified picture of a sculpture called Resurrection. The other is a statue of Mary at the cemetary of the Painted Church in Hawaii.

I think she likes it.


A student of mine, who came to this school just last week, just said something as she was walking out the door. I just had her and another student in my class so we'd been talking about everything from clothes to pregnancy (one girl just found out she wasn't, phew).

The girl said, "I ain't gonna lie, my whole family is in gangs."

"Are you?" I asked?

"I'm not about to get killed over a color."

I'm so proud of her for that simple comment. She said some people in her family got mad at her when she said that to them. I congratulated her on using her brain as she left for another class. Two of my favorite students are pretty hardcore gang members. One of them told actually told me about how he was involved in a shooting. Some rival gang members were at his cousins house, so he and 5 other guys went and showed them what was up. When I asked if anyone got hurt he said "No." There was a pause, "Well none of us." He's a good, very bright young man, but he's caught up in a gang. My other one, I'll never forget him for my whole life. He watches National Geographic and the History Chanel, and he irons his pants. His mom moved him to a different part of the city so he wouldn't be in the thick of the gang. Just because he moved doesn't mean he gets to be out. He still has to wear the colors and be a part. Not doing so could get his family hurt. He's the man of the house, which is probably how he got involved in the first place. So many of my students are in or have family members who are in gangs. It's a life I don't understand, well, I get the actuality of it, but I don't get the mentality of it. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was, but it's still rather insignificant - unless you're in the middle of it.

My girl who left summed up the mentality of it...when it comes down to it, it's about what color you're wearing.

Pumping at Work

I pump milk for Cora twice a day while I'm at work. I have the Medela Pump In-style Advanced in the backpack version (I LOVE this pump). I have to clean some of the parts after I use it. It's so funny to see women's reactions vs. men's reactions when they see me with my little black backpack. Women just get it. They give an agreeing nod as I go by. Men, on the other hand, always say something. Yesterday, I had two in a row. First man, "Are you heading home for the day?" This is at 8:30 in the morning.

"No, not yet."

"Oh, I just thought with the backpack and all..." He motions as if he's pulling on the straps of his imaginary pack. I didn't want to just come right out and say,

"No, it's my pump." Not because I care, but I think he might blush. As soon as I pass him, another guy asks

"Where are you going?" Now with him I'm not so shy, and I'm already tickled at the irony...

"To the bathroom."

"Oh, and you need to take your pack." This could have been awkward for all kinds of reasons. I just said,

"Yep." Then he just wanted to talk, so we're talking in the hall for like 5 minutes, all the while I'm trying my best to keep inching my way to the restroom.

Maybe men are far more nosey than we give them credit for.

What a Blessing

Cora was blessed by Jake at church on May 4th. It was such a wonderful day. We had lots of family come in that weekend for the event. They were also there for my birthday! Yep, I'm now the big 2-3. We went to Cattlemen's because I wanted some Prime Rib. I cleaned my plate. We also went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I've been there a few times, and every time I can't keep my composure the whole way through. The part that always gets me is when I see Ashley Eckles's little light up shoe in the display case of shoes they found in the rubble. This time a picture of Bailey Almon really got to me. Most of you probably remember the picture of the fireman carrying the little girl. That is Bailey. It wasn't that pcture, but the one that preceeds it. A rescue worker is handing her off to the fireman, and her mouth is wide open. I wonder what was going on to freeze it that way. Was she crying out or gasping for air? I suppose the most heartbreaking part is knowing she didn't make it. I can hardly stand all the devestation human beings are capable of, mostly that the devestation is carried out against living things. I've always been really sensetive to such things, but being a mom puts it all of overload. The most powerful thing is that it makes me want to be a better person.

4 Generations

Grandpa and Cora

Cora's blessing was amazing. I'd been anticipating it for weeks. I was so excited for her and Jake to share such a special moment. There was a such a sweet, strong spirit that filled the meeting. I bore my testimony at the end. I've been thinking a lot about the power within the bonds of family. I love that I belong to a church that proclaims to the world that the family is the fundamental unit of society. I feel more a part of eternity than I ever have before. All of my senses are heightened. Being a mom is seriously the greatest thing ever. I could have never imagined how fulfilling it would be. I loved celebrating my first Mother's Day yesterday.

Summer is almost here! Jake's finals week was last week. He is officially done with the first year of his master's. One year left! I'm getting so sad about leaving Oklahoma! We're going to San Diego when I'm done teaching so Jake can do some research for his thesis at UCSD. I'm excited to be going through Arizona. We're going to stop and see Lance and Deb (my biological father and his wife). We've never been to their house before. I'm excited to see Lance's studio (he's an artist), and all of his books, and their dogs. I'm also excited for them to meet Cora!

Cora at 12 Weeks


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