Refried Beans

I can't get enough of them. Pintos and Cheese from Taco Bell make my day. I just made a quesadilla with RB on it. Joy? Pretty close.

I've recently discovered the Baby Body Blues. Everything is just getting bigger, by everything I mean my belly and my boobs. I would generally be very excited about the latter, but the prospect that they might never be the same again has me in sort of a mourning stage. And I don't have any stretch marks yet, not pregnancy related, but I thoroughly examine my tummy every day just in case one is trying to show up. I never thought this would be something I would think about, but when you know you're undergoing a permanent physical change...well I'm just sort of weirded out by it. Here's another thing I'm weirded out by...Did you know?...that babies, all babies, drink their amniotic fluid, it travels through their little bodies and then they urinate back out into their sac home - just to drink it all over again? Well they do. And I did, and so did you. It's fun during an ultrasound to watch their tummies grow, and then you see their kidneys appear, and then their bladder, and then it's all gone to start again.

She's moving around right now, I'm loving it. It makes me forget about my saggy fears. I love her. I think she's awesome. And I found sparkly baby shoes at Yeah, that's right, silver sparkles.

Stacia and Michael Moore - I've been reading Illusions. Thanks again.

March WHAT?!?!

I had another ultrasound done today. It was actually my second one this week (Thanks Rachel!). With all of the baby measurements (they look at four), my due date came out to March 14th!!!! That's my dream due date! Hopefully Cora will feel like it's her dream day to be born as well...unless I can talk my doctor into inducing me. That puts me at 18 weeks exactly today. She was sucking her thumb in the ultrasound. At the one on Monday she was sucking on her toes. She was also doing some serious leg flexing. And she was cramming herself into the smallest possible place in my uterus. She likes enclosed spaces too! She's great. I'm pleased with her little oddities...they let me know I'm rubbing off on her a little ;).


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