Odds and Ends

While away on my Austin/Oklahoma adventure, Jake kept telling me he had some surprises for me. My mind wandered to a few different things, only letting it settle on the "big thing" I've been wanting for the entire history of our marriage for a moment because the odds were slim to none as we are still in the poor college kids phase of life. For a week I wondered pretty idea-less. I came home, took one quick glance around...

And there "it" was - a beautiful KitchenAid stand mixer in ice blue.

My heart started beating fast and I ran over to it and caressed it's lovely retro styling. After takin a moment to let it all sink in, Jake asked if I was ready for my second surprise. Of course I was, surprises are one of my very favorite things.

He took me to our bedroom door and told me close my eyes.

Fear not, this is G-rated.

I did just that, and he led me over to the bed and had me lie down. He turned out the light and told me to open my eyes. I opened them to a sky full of stars. He put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling above our bed. I have an affinity for such things, and a very particular type. They must be flat - those thick plastic ones simply don't feed my fancy.

I have loved enjoying these two surprises. I've made so many yummy things already, including 6 loaves of bread and 2 chocolate cakes.

I love Jake. He fills my world with magic.

Sneak Peek

I suppose one of the perks of being considered "high risk" is that I get to have regular ultrasounds in the last half of my pregnancy. Today was one such scan, and it was so much better than the first I had four weeks ago. Not only was the scan better in terms of getting to take the time to ohhh and ahhh over Magnolia, but Jake got to be there, which was wonderful.

It was also reassuring to definitely, without a doubt, see that she is a girl. I can rest easier for sure. I'm so excited about putting together a room for two girls! I have been scouring over pictures of rooms for ideas. One such involves hanging bird cages from the ceiling. I'm sold on that idea, no matter what the rest of the room looks like.

Hey Tracey, be on the look out for some along these lines in your junking pursuits (Click on the picture to get to the site):

Cora always points to this bedding:

I've been looking at brighter everything, so bedding like this would have never caught my eye, but she consistently points to this style. Now if only we could get a wonderful roof line like the pictures... Oh Pottery Barn, I heart you, yet posses exactly two things from you. I like getting inspiration from you, and then setting off on a hunt of my own.

To my Little Lovey Lou

Today you are two.

And I'm pleased as punch

at the places we've gone

and the things we've seen.

You bring sunshine to my soul.

You add joy to my days.

You help me learn important things about myself.

And about the world.

I can't imagine my life without you.

And I don't remember who I was before you were born.

You are loved beyond measure.

And I look forward to celebrating a lifetime of birthdays with you.

However old you are...

You will always be this sweet little baby of mine.

Fun Facts -
Height: 34 and 3/4 inches
Weight: 26 pounds 2 ounces
You love: butterflies, stars, Elmo, coloring, snow, going on walks, dancing, being outside, cheese, apples, cooking, taking pictures, animals, adventures...
You aren't weary of anything.
You're a little shy when you meet new people, but warm up quickly.
You've recently become very brave and started falling asleep on your own.
You enjoy having your green blankie and beanie babies around (Duck, Goose, and Bear).
You love to cuddle.

Being Sick

There has been a lot of barf in the last few days, most of it wasn't even mine. Cora and I arrived in Oklahoma on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was grossly sick. I think it was something I ate. Then last night,

oh last night...

I was lying in bed with Cora next to me. We're talking to Jake on the phone. I hear some gagging coming from the little body next to me. She started throwing up. When I got the light on, I saw it all over her and the pillows and coming out her nose. I ran out to the living room, really, I just opened the door, and said "Help!" Vaughn and Tracey went to work on the bed, and I went to work on Cora. Poor little Cora, covered in throw up and crying. She never, I repeat, never throws up. Twice in her whole life.

We took a shower (I was covered in throw up too...my face and hair anyway), and things looked promising. She wanted some milk, and after a little while I agreed. About 10 minutes later the milk came up all over the rug and floor in the living room. Thank heaven for hardwoods. And my mother-in-law for scraping remnant clementine oranges out of the wonderfully shaggy rug.

She fell asleep at 11:30, and the throw up continued, getting smaller in quantity until 3:30. I slept at the foot of the bed from 1:00 until 3:30 because I wanted to be as close to the pack-n-play as possible. And sleep is an overstatement because I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to hear her in she needed me (which is silly because I think I could easily win "World's Lightest Sleeper"), and because there were two more throw ups in there somewhere. She was more awake at the last upheaval. I put her back in the pack-n-play after I got rid of the soiled linens. I pulled my pillow and quilt down to the floor and slept* next to her for the rest of the night.

She drank almost 4 sippy cups of water when she got up around 9. She is a much happier girl. It was so sad to see her just lay down on the the tile floor of the bathroom, completely defeated after her 11:30 and 1:00 purges. I hope nights like that are few and far between in my lifetime.


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