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I suppose one of the perks of being considered "high risk" is that I get to have regular ultrasounds in the last half of my pregnancy. Today was one such scan, and it was so much better than the first I had four weeks ago. Not only was the scan better in terms of getting to take the time to ohhh and ahhh over Magnolia, but Jake got to be there, which was wonderful.

It was also reassuring to definitely, without a doubt, see that she is a girl. I can rest easier for sure. I'm so excited about putting together a room for two girls! I have been scouring over pictures of rooms for ideas. One such involves hanging bird cages from the ceiling. I'm sold on that idea, no matter what the rest of the room looks like.

Hey Tracey, be on the look out for some along these lines in your junking pursuits (Click on the picture to get to the site):

Cora always points to this bedding:

I've been looking at brighter everything, so bedding like this would have never caught my eye, but she consistently points to this style. Now if only we could get a wonderful roof line like the pictures... Oh Pottery Barn, I heart you, yet posses exactly two things from you. I like getting inspiration from you, and then setting off on a hunt of my own.


  1. I will definitely be on the look for birdcages. So cute. Very whimsical and sweet for your two little lovelies.

  2. BrieAnn, that is what I did for my girls - got the idea from pottery barn and then I found most of what I wanted at a more reasonable price from TJMaxx and Hobby Lobby. It was great and the girls love their rooms.

  3. Very cute! Love the bird cages, love Pottery Barn! I agree it is a wonderful source for inspiration. I havev three magazines I'm thumbing through right now! And I like Cora's pick, they caught my eye as well!



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