Oklahoma in Springtime II

I made my way through and across a few rivers on my way home today. I've never driven through so much water on the roads, I can't remember if I've ever seen it rain so hard. There was a tornado about 10-15 miles away from our house yesterday. Five people were hurt and a few houses were pretty much destroyed. The sky always clears after a tornado. After the storm clouds broke up I went outside and discovered the business of saving earthworms. They'd been dislocated from their lawns and were floating down the water near the curb. I scooped them out with a blade of grass and flung them up to a more natural environment - mud. In addition to so much rain, I have also never seen so many worms together in one spot. I will always be more conscious of what lies below my feet when I walk across the grass.

I sent out the bulk of our graduation announcements last week, and have been sending out the rest in a trickle as I get more addresses. I'm waiting to write to my biological grandmother, Kathrine. I finally have her address, but can't think of what to say just yet. I thought that sending her a graduation announcement might be good because there's a purpose more than just that I've never met her. I am so looking forward to graduation. Just a few more weeks, that's all! I picked up an application for substitute teaching yesterday. I can start doing that as soon as I'm through student teaching, which is on April 20th. I also got a call from Northwest Classen High School today. It was the first school that I student taught at, and I LOVED IT! It is the most diverse school I've ever been to, I can't imagine any school being more diverse. An environment like that is really an amazing place to teach. The school I'm at right now is diverse for what I've known in my personal education, but really it's just the same -Instead of being 98% white, the students are 98% black. Anyway, I'm supposed to call the principal at Northwest to talk about some possibilities for next year. It's my dream school, but this comes after Jake was accepted into the musicology program at OU, which is in Norman, about 20 miles south of OKC, which wouldn't be a bad commute, but it's always nice to be centrally located. By the way, he got accepted at Boulder, CO, and Champaign, IL, but he decided to go from Musicology rather than Collaborative piano. So we're going to be in Oklahoma for two more years. Two more Oklahoma Springtimes ;).

Oklahoma in Springtime

This is one of the most beautiful mornings I've ever seen. The weather is perfect. It's cool, the air is crisp, with just the right consistency. Yes, air has consistency. I can't imagine liking anywhere more than I like Oklahoma this time of year. It's always interesting, the threat of tornadoes included. Oklahoma storms aren't quite as amazing to watch as Arizona storms, most of the time, but when the conditions are right for tornadoes, the sky is amazing. I wish I could send the conditions of this morning out across to all of you who aren't here.


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