When I Come I Go

My little sister, Marissa, is graduating from Ray High School on June 3rd. It is a very tiny town called Kearney. It's the kind that if you blink you miss it, really. Kearney is only about an hour away from Apache Junction, though I'm sure many have never even heard of it. Jake and I are flying in on June 2nd and flying out on June 5th. It's not a really long time, but I'd love to see as many people as I can.

One thing I'm excited about: Jake has only been to terminal two and three. I can't wait for him to experience the moving sidewalks in terminal four. AND, just by the off chance my parents park rather than pick us up curbside, I can't wait for him to ride in the spiral garage. Whoopee!

I wonder if my parents are ever going to come to Oklahoma City while we're here...and even then, when we're not here anymore they won't have a reason to be here. Because seriously, I've been here for almost a year and a half. That's almost half of our time here. I know everyone has hard times and such, but Jake and I have flown to them twice and driven once in the midst of high gas prices, and I know how much of a fraction of what we make comparatively. Anyway, I was just wondering. No one has come to visit me here. Grammy came to Bartlesville which is like 3 hours away and it was during the week in the middle of school and the only day I could possibly go, there was some crazy rain happening. I know Oklahoma doesn't seem all that exciting/it's a little bit out of the way when there are only two people in my family (myself included) who live East of NM and North of TX. It's all (mostly) NV, UT, CA, AZ, and ID. It's a big loop and we're out of it. Oh well. I feel as though I'm complaining.

The End

And I said Hey

On May 4th, I read two of my poems at a poetry reading that my poetry class did for its final. It was at a really neat book store called Full Circle. It has all of the neat, old-looking, wooden shelves with the ladders that are tilted up the shelves and on rollers. It was great. The poems that I read were "Defiance" and "Kites Caught in Hurricanes..." Just so you know.

I just got off the phone with Carol Ballard. I need ANOTHER official copy of my transcript for the school I'm going to Summer School at. I enjoy her.

Every time I read Sarah Keller’s blogs I feel this strange sense of familiar unfamiliarity. It's the same thing I felt when I went to Arizona for Christmas Break. It's like when you watch a rerun tv show that you used to watch all the time and you know that it will never be the same because it's over, new episodes aren't going to surprise you...you've left it and continue to love it for what it was, though sometimes you wish it was still expanding and growing somewhere. That Paul and Jamie's lives are still going with Mabel and Murray, even though I'm not tuned in once a week.
When I do read Sarah's blogs, I picture the actuality of Arizona, of Tempe, of ASU, of the places that I've been, and how they're not my home anymore. I'm completely fulfilled with just the memory of the places I've been, but the actuality that that ride is over, it's like when I used to clean my room and I'd vacuum last, having already sprinkled the cinnamon scented carpet freshener on. And when I was all done I'd lay on my bed and read a book that I found while the light filtered in and I was aware of growing older. That this moment would soon disappear, that the freshness and sunlight and Matilda would be a piece of my past in the very near future.

Home is where the heart is. I don't know where I'm going to end up but I don't really care all at the same time. Just as long as I have the things that I really need.


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