Las Posadas

Tonight we celebrated Las Posadas at the girls' school. It was fun to be with the school community.

WAIT!!!! I can't write one more thing before I tell you what happened.

MAGNOLIA GOT HER CAST OFF!!! It happened this afternoon around 3:30. Exactly six weeks since she broke her leg. [This is Day 137 for anyone who's keeping track.] We're going to celebrate tomorrow by taking an extra long bubble bath.

Her ankle is pretty stiff, just like her knee was when she got out of her full cast. Her sweet teachers carried her around for the journey portion of Las Posadas.

[Magnolia and her teachers]

Before the program began, Cora was running around with her friends. They were all darling. During the program, each class sang a song. Magnolia's class learned Silent Night, and Cora's Away in a Manger. Everyone did a fantastic job. I love spirited children's voices.

This girl is alive.


The last few Mondays of my life have been exceptionally good. I have no idea what makes them extra special. There's been a surge of momentum, of ideas, of something. :)

This morning I went to see Wild. I was going to go last night after my girls were in bed, but then I would have missed the Holiday Baking Championship Finale. And I just couldn't do that. Wild was really good and timely. I'm a great believer in "walking it out." This is an extreme version of that. I loved Laura Dern in this film. And the soundtrack. The music was so well placed and moved between characters' thoughts and well-known recordings seamlessly connecting memories to the present.

Before I went to see Wild, like when I was still in my jammies, I took the time to write down words that kept coming to me last night. It felt good. So many good things are lost because I don't write them down. Now if only I could figure out how to make a habit of it. Afterwards, I took a bath and read through part of a collection of poetry. Baths take longer, but they're so productive. Get clean AND read a good book.

My girls and I made sugar cookies after school. Sprinkles and sugar galore! We were using cookie cutters from a safari animal set, but I think we pulled off "Nativity" all right. There was a camel. And a donkey. But for real, imagine the manger scene with elephants and hippos, and a lion, and so on. 

I'm getting really excited for a break from school. We'll be in Arizona for most of this holiday. I'm really excited to see family and friends who I count as such. On that note, I ordered a rug today that I hope will get here before we leave! Cora brought home the sweetest gift for us! She made a Bible Stories Calendar at school. I'm going to love staring at one of her 12 pictures for a month at a time. The card she made brought me to tears. 

Tonight I was watching scenes from old movies, and listening to music that I love (old and new). I played No Envy, No Fear, and Jake asked what it was so I played it again. And then it happened. I got up and danced across the kitchen. Dot's floors were all wood, and perfectly slick and dance-able. I'm almost embarrassed to say how often I would slip on a pair of socks, turn up the music, and spin and glide across the floors. Our apartment is mostly carpet. I've danced around a bit, but nothing like at Dot. Tonight, I happened to be wearing tights, so when I got up, all conditions were perfect. And I found myself loving something about the flooring that I've spent the last 132 days loathing. It's still really ugly, moving in a way I love can't change that. 


Big Dreams and Reckless Love

Today I'm full of crazy ideas. Big hot air ballon sized ideas. Today I wandered into a new part of L.A., and I fell a little bit in-love. It is possible!

Today is a day of clarity. Catching a glimpse of the road straightening out in front of me, and saying, "Yes! That's exactly what I want."

Today is a day I feel confident and courageous and sure I can make some things happen. Brave enough to say, "I don't know exactly how it will all work out, but this is the greatest desire of my heart."

Today is a day of gratitude. Of saying "This is my life! I'm so happy to be living it!" I'm glad for all the people in it. I'm glad for all the love I know, and how every little bit of love makes me want to create space for more love. And more and more and more and more.

Speaking of Love, Here's a post by my friend Ryan. Today marks the beginning of "A Month of Reckless Love in Honor of [her sweet girl] Ellie Kate." Ryan's definition of Reckless Love is perfect. "Reckless Love is taking intentional action in order to benefit the life of another without worrying about the consequences."

Today I'm dreaming big and committing to live and love with more intention.


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