Yay for Thesis Research

We are on our way to California on Thursday. Jake is doing some research and interviews for his thesis. I can't even begin to express how glad I am that his main research interest is not in the Dakotas or Wisconson, or any other land locked state. We will be in San Diego and Los Angeles. I love the ocean. I was always a little jealous of my sister's name, Marissa, because it means "of the sea."

I'm super excited that we'll be staying at the hostel in Point Loma again. It's close to the beach I've deemed my favorite: Ocean Beach. I loved meeting everyone at the hostel the last time we were there. My favorites were two sisters from Ireland, Caroline and Adele. Caroline had finished up a semester abroad in Michigan, and wanted to spend some time travelling around the U.S. Adele came to join her for her travels. They loved giving "cuddles" to Cora.

Royal Blush

So I have this little problem. It started when I was pregnant. I would be in the middle of a normal conversation, and then out of nowhere I could feel my face getting hot. I would just start blushing for no reason at all. I decided it must be because of the increased blood supply in my body that comes with pregnancy. Well, I'm not pregnant anymore, but it still happens. It seems to be happening more often lately. I don't really get embarrassed, I never have. I'm not timid or shy around people either.

When I feel the blood rushing to my face, I get embarrassed, and not about a word or action, but about the fact that I know my face is turning red. In essence, I'm blushing over blushing. It's so weird, and I'm not fond of it.

My Little Baby

Cora got her second tooth three days after her first one. We had a break, but I think her little mouth is back at it. She is always the best baby...so happy and funny...she only ever cries when she's tired. For the past few days she's been "yelling" and really clingy. She starts this yelling when I leave her sight. She won't lay down unless I am right next to her. I'm writing this quite awkwardly as one arm is having to maneuver around her head. She only took one nap yesterday, and she's on number one for today. I'm a little worried because I'm going with the youth to the temple tonight. Jake will be here, but last night she wouldn't stop yelling until I went to bed with her. As soon as I laid down, she curled up next to me and was out. I also think she's going through a growth spurt. So I have a sleepy, teething, growing, yelling, runny nose (having to do with teeth) baby. I feel random seconds of internal hair pulling in certain situations, like when I feel like I can't go to the bathroom, or get something done on my "to-do" list - then I just look at her and scoop her up and know that most of the hair pulling feeling is because I can't make her feel better instantly. But there is something immensely rewarding about being able to comfort her. And while helpful, I've never really cared for living my life through lists anyway.

Los Politicos

This election is so exciting to me, as I'm sure it is for everyone else. I couldn't wait for 9:00 PM to roll around for the past two weeks so I could see the important speeches from both conventions. I've been following all of the issues for each candidate (and all of the ones who've been "weeded out") since/as they announced their intention to run. I was sad to see some go, as well as ecstatic to see others finally concede. Overall, I think we're left with two fair contenders, and I can't wait to see how it will all play out. I'm pretty certain about who I'm going to vote for. For a while I kept going back and forth, still leaning to the side I'm leaning on now. One candidate really speaks to my everyday life, while the other speaks to my ideals. I've always called myself a Conservative Liberal. On government size and fiscal matters, I swing to the right side of moderate. On social and environmental issues, however, I would be lying if I tried to keep any part of my middle of the road stance. I am the same girl who always knew when Earth Day was coming - and treated it with a sort of reverence. I love, though think it was far too long in coming, that it's now "cool" to be green. And I am the woman who says to myself "Humanos son Humanos" when the subject of illegal immigrants comes up.


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