Royal Blush

So I have this little problem. It started when I was pregnant. I would be in the middle of a normal conversation, and then out of nowhere I could feel my face getting hot. I would just start blushing for no reason at all. I decided it must be because of the increased blood supply in my body that comes with pregnancy. Well, I'm not pregnant anymore, but it still happens. It seems to be happening more often lately. I don't really get embarrassed, I never have. I'm not timid or shy around people either.

When I feel the blood rushing to my face, I get embarrassed, and not about a word or action, but about the fact that I know my face is turning red. In essence, I'm blushing over blushing. It's so weird, and I'm not fond of it.


  1. That's funny. I haven't noticed any blushing. Maybe you're just having hot flashes. Your hair was really pretty today!

  2. Well it sounds very hormonal! Cora is still young enough that your body has lots of extra ones in there & if you are nursing that would add to it. Not sure what to tell ya.. sorry.

    Thanks for the info on the Miles for Miracles race. I wanted to do the race for the cure, but we may be out of town, so this is a perfect one to do. I think you should do it! I am a slow runner, who used to be slower (yes, it's possible.. hehe.)Think about it!

  3. Are you sure you're not pregnant? JK. Yeah, our bodies are just weird after having babies!



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