My Little Baby

Cora got her second tooth three days after her first one. We had a break, but I think her little mouth is back at it. She is always the best happy and funny...she only ever cries when she's tired. For the past few days she's been "yelling" and really clingy. She starts this yelling when I leave her sight. She won't lay down unless I am right next to her. I'm writing this quite awkwardly as one arm is having to maneuver around her head. She only took one nap yesterday, and she's on number one for today. I'm a little worried because I'm going with the youth to the temple tonight. Jake will be here, but last night she wouldn't stop yelling until I went to bed with her. As soon as I laid down, she curled up next to me and was out. I also think she's going through a growth spurt. So I have a sleepy, teething, growing, yelling, runny nose (having to do with teeth) baby. I feel random seconds of internal hair pulling in certain situations, like when I feel like I can't go to the bathroom, or get something done on my "to-do" list - then I just look at her and scoop her up and know that most of the hair pulling feeling is because I can't make her feel better instantly. But there is something immensely rewarding about being able to comfort her. And while helpful, I've never really cared for living my life through lists anyway.


  1. That's the way to look at it! Theya re so little and when they are miserable it's our job to try and soothe them. I remember those kind of days- uggg, so much to do, but so special to be able to just sit and hold the baby and know you are comforting them so much with just the close touch. I will warn you though- the first few teeth are nothing- molars aren't even so bad- the dang eye teeth are the absolute worst!!

  2. I think you've got the right idea. I usually get frustrated when I'm trying to accomplish something and one of my children is demanding my attention.
    When baby is going through one of these phases, treat it like a sick day where you pop in one movie after another, take naps, eat snacks and get absolutely nothing done.

    Also, I like your blog background.

  3. Poor little Cora! Teething stinks. Motrin seems to be the magic medicine for my kids. Since she is 6mo old she should be able to take it now. When ever my babies have bad days. I definately use it as an excuse to hold them all day and get nothing else done and not feel bad about it. They grow up so fast.

  4. I'm not a fan of lists either...unfortunately I need them in order to get anything accomplished these days!

  5. Thanks for the congrats and get well wishes! With Kenzi was was sick until about 25 weeks! I am planning for the worst but hoping for the best-- maybe it'll end sooner this time, right?! Either way, it's worth it!! I am sorry to her your sweet little one is going through a tough stage, sometimes growing up just isn't fun! Enjoy the snuggling moments, before you know it she'll be running all over the place and won't have time to just cuddle with you! :-)



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