Yay for Thesis Research

We are on our way to California on Thursday. Jake is doing some research and interviews for his thesis. I can't even begin to express how glad I am that his main research interest is not in the Dakotas or Wisconson, or any other land locked state. We will be in San Diego and Los Angeles. I love the ocean. I was always a little jealous of my sister's name, Marissa, because it means "of the sea."

I'm super excited that we'll be staying at the hostel in Point Loma again. It's close to the beach I've deemed my favorite: Ocean Beach. I loved meeting everyone at the hostel the last time we were there. My favorites were two sisters from Ireland, Caroline and Adele. Caroline had finished up a semester abroad in Michigan, and wanted to spend some time travelling around the U.S. Adele came to join her for her travels. They loved giving "cuddles" to Cora.


  1. Are you guys coming through Tucson on your way to San Diego? I think you should!

  2. Have a blast in California!!! I love excuses to go to fabulous places like CA!! Thanks too for the well wishes, with Kenz I was sick until about 25 weeks and I am only 12 weeks now, but I am hoping maybe.... we'll see! :-) Have a great time!

  3. That sounds fun BreiAnn. I'm totally jealous, I have never been to the beach. I know it's pretty sad. I keep trying to convince Dustin he needs to take me on a romantic getaway. It's a little hard with 5 kids, maybe someday!



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