Golden Leaves

There is a tree outside of our kitchen window that I've been meaning to take a picture of. It's the perfect fall tree with red, orange and gold leaves. At about 4:15 on Monday morning, I heard it come crashing down. We had a lovely icestorm that knocked out our electricity at about 9:00 on Monday morning. It's still out. Yesterday evening there were 220,000 people in OKC without power. According to my calculations, there are still over 100,000 ( Our area got hit the hardest and I think it's because we have the most trees ;). Trees do not win against ice. Their boughs and branches crack and split and shatter when they hit the ground. There's a house on the corner that I've never seen before because of all the growth around it...I can see plenty of it today. We drove down to OU so Jake could take his one and only final. It's weird to be in a heated environment after spending yesterday and this morning piled under blankets. Last night Jake and I lit the few candles that we had and played games...Speed and Chess. Then we read more of A Christmas Carol with flashlights. I do love electricity, but its been kind of nice not having it.

I wish I were brave enough to throw my television away.


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