Tap Dancing

So Elizabethtown is one of my very favorite movies, ever.

Oh Virginia

I should be working on a research paper that isn't do until the end of the semester, but somehow our rough draft is due on Monday. It's over Francis Scott Fitzgerald, but my choice, only because I couldn't think of a good thesis to do one over William Carlos Williams and his work.

About all of these authors and poets I enjoy, I haven't found one without a pretty powerful flaw. FSF=Alcoholic; Virginia Woolf=Putting rocks in her pockets and walking into a river; WCW=Extreme Adulterer...There are several more, but those are the ones I've been thinking about most lately. I think they all just needed to be loved and appreciated, either as an individual or as a writer. We all need to be loved. I'm pretty sure it's one of the strongest driving forces in life. Not love itself, but the desire to be loved. That's basically what my paper is going to be about.

As for right now though, I'd like to curl up in this, my corner of the library with some Virginia Woolf book...or a good book on deconstruction and a piece I can rip to shreds using that theory. Either way, I do not want to work on my paper just yet.

Winston, Lucille, and Pork Roast

Winston is our dryer, Lucille is our washer, and I'm making a pork roast for dinner....Really it's going to end up being pork burritos. I'm looking forward to them. We FINALLY got internet installed in our apartment, that's nice. It felt a little empty without it, that's a little weird.

So I looked at my midterm grades in their entirety and they're not exactly what I want them to be. I was very frustrated yesterday because I know everything that's going on in all of my classes, I read everything, I look at everything, but I have done terribly on all of the tests I've taken. I'm trying to figure it out. I also worry too much about all of these things. I never used to worry about anything like that...and then my very first semester of college happened and ever since I've felt like I have to prove myself something. All in all, I completely get on my nerves for how up-tight I am when it comes to school. It's not part of nature to be up-tight, ever. I don't know why I let myself worry so much. I'm sure I'd do much better if I didn't care so much about it. If anyone has any relaxation techniques, let me know.

I swear there's something theraputic...

001. Name: BrieAnn
002. Nick name: Breezy
003. Single or taken: TAKEN!
004. Place of Birth: Mesa, Arizona
005. Zodiac Sign: Taurus
006. Male or Female: Female
007. Your last name: Johnson, could there be any more of us?
008. School: OCU: Oklahoma City University
009. Occupation: Student
010. Residence: The most beautiful apartment anyone has ever seen.
011. Children: Not so much, yet.

__Your appearance___

012. Hair Color: Blonde, enhanced only slightly, it is still my natural color
013. Hair Long or Short: Somewhere in the middle, YES!
014. Eye Color: Blue
015. How do your nails look: Eek, you should have asked before midterms.
016. Height: 5'3 1/4"
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Sure do
018. Do you like yourself? I think so.
019. Braces? Sometimes I miss running my tongue over my top braces.
020. Think your hot?: I was once told I was one of the cute people, not in the hot category, I try as often as I can to turn it around.
021. Piercing: My ears
022. Tattoos: I know I would be bored with it after about a week.
023. Righty or Lefty: Right for writing, both fo some other stuff.

___Your 'Firsts'___

024. First Kiss: Hmm, depends. The only one I care about really: During I am Sam...Jake still had braces and I'd already put my retainer in...it was perfect.
025. First make out: Blankity Blank, Blank, Blank
026. First best friend: Megan Lund, my cousin - We were the best
028. First Sport You joined: Cheerleading in fourth grade
029. First pet: Nerd, a black cat
030. First vacation: Aside from visiting family, San Francisco.
031. First REAL Concert: George Strait or Spice Girls, I don't remember which came first.
032. First Love: Bluh...even though I don't weight less than 90 pounds anymore.

___ Favorites___

033. Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
034. TV: CSI, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Friends, Mad About You
036. Music: Lots of stuff.
037. Song: Wow, so many.
038. Food: Chicken Noodle Soup and meatball subs.
039. Drink: Water and Jamba Juice
040. Candy: I like chocolate
041. Sport to play: KICKBALL!!!
043. Brand Of Clothing: When I find one, I'll let ya know.
045. School: There are so many different ways I can answer this.
046. Animal: We want a dog like no other, but it would be alone all the time.
047. Books: Coming of Age stuff...
048. Magazines: Ensign


049. Eating: "Ate" a turkey sandwich and some tomato juice
051. Mood: Antsy (note the survey)
052. Online: Yes
053. Listening: The hum of Eleanore's fan.
054. Thinking About: 4:30
055. Wanting To: go home or fly a kite...my kite is at home
056. Watching: Hands in my screen.
057. Wearing: Clothes...some jeans, a sweatery thing and another sweater.

___Your Future___

058. Want Kids?: I sure do!
059. Want to Get Married? Umm...I sure DID
060. Careers in Mind: Well, I want to teach Englsih, but I've been messing with the idea of getting another degree in Art History...I'm pretty set on it actually.

__Which is better with the Opposite Sex___ ......

*I've answered this section in terms of my advice on what's most important.*

067. Cute or Sexy?: Cute
068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
069. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs
070. Short or Tall: Doesn't matter
071. Easy going? Definitely
072. Romantic or Spontaneous: Up to individual personalities...and this question is a trick because you can totally be both.
073. Fatty or Skinny: Doesn't matter
074. Sensitive or Loud: Sensetive
075. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
076. Sweet or Caring: Both
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one: Neither...Confident

___Have You Ever___

078. Kissed a Stranger: No
079. Drank Bubbles: No
080. Lost glasses/contacts: No
081. Ran Away From Home: Kind of
082. Broken a Bone: No
083. Got an X-ray: Yes, several
084. Broken someone’s Heart: Yes, but my heart has been broken enugh for a few people so somehow all that stuff works itself out.
085. Broke Up With Someone: Yes, but not the one I wish I would have.
086. Turned someone down: Yes
087. Cried When Someone Died: Yes
088. Cried At School: In college even (silly poetry class).

___Do You Believe In___

089. God: Always, the one thing I know is definitely constant.
090. Miracles: Everyday
091. Love At First Sight: I believe I've proved this one to be so.
092. Ghosts: I suppose I do, but not the haunting, eery kind, well, that's not what I'm talking about...how about all spirits living on after death.
093. Aliens: Not in the Independence Day kind of way.
095. Heaven: Yes
096. Hell: Yes
098. Kissing on the First Date: Umm...I don't know that I ever did, so I'm pretty sure I didn't believe in it for myself.

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have?
Not "want" in a certain applied way. I want to meet my grandmother, but I'm not ruling it out yet.

The End.


Jake and I have moved into our new, completely wonderful apartment. It's gorgeous. More than anything we could have hoped for. Things aren't entirely worked out with Cokesbury yet. We do, however, have a girl who wants to take over our lease, the manager just keeps running us around and making herself very unavailable. Like the week before last, she was only in the office for a day and a half out of the whole week. I won't go into the whole story because it's long and still makes me a little upset.

We bought a washer and dryer last night. I don't know about anyone else, but that feels like such a huge step in some grand scheme of things. It will be delivered on Friday. It could have been as early as tomorrow but we'll be in school. YAY! When my mom was here for Jake's recital she took us to Sam's Club and got us a super ton of food. It was pretty much awesome. She also got us a huge thing of laundry detergent because I knew we would son be done with Laundromats and having to haul all of our stuff with us. I also got some Downy, which I haven't used in forever. And, we got a pumpkin pie candle for our apartment...yum!

Tomorrow we officially start back to school after Fall Break. I have two tests, other than that I'm glad. I won't be stressed out all the time because of my dwelling. The opera will also be over in a little under two weeks. I don't get to see Jake much. Sometimes it's really hard because he's my favorite person to hang out with. I don't like it when he doesn't get home until almost 11. He is a very hard worker, and the busiest person I've ever met in my whole life...and the most organized to fit something in at nearly every single moment of his day...and night too. I love him dearly.


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