Parking lot conversation

Little Girl: Is God dead?

Mom: No.

Little Girl: Isn't he in Heaven?

Mom: Just because he's in heaven doesn't mean he's dead.


I made my first attempt at making sushi today. It was good but not very pretty. I don't have the proper rolling technique just yet. I'm also not really using the right kind of rice, but another batch of rice is cooling as we speak. I'm trying to recreate a roll we had in Hawaii. It was called Faye's Garden and it had apples in it, YUM! At any rate, the nori is my favorite part - I'm not really sure why, I just love the texture. I've been trying to be super healthy after the gall stone discovery. Maybe I should go for a walk while I'm waiting on the rice.


My glasses just broke and I can't even begin to express how sad that makes me. I have on my old glasses, but they're not the same. The world is a semi-distorted blur and I'm right in the middle of writing my unit plan for Methods of Teaching. It's my first one (unit plan that is) and it was going well, but I feel a serious damper closing in (she weeps). My unit is geared towards 11th grade English (American Literature) and covers the Romantic Period. Yay for Transcendentalism.

Yesterday I went and taught Spanish at Gatewood Elementary, as I will once a week for the rest of the semester, to a kindergarten class. They were lovely. We were talking about the color our eyes (we were working on colors) and I took my glasses off and asked them to say what color my eyes were and in the midst of "Blue" (when really my partner and I were hoping for "azul"), a girl spoke up above the rest and said, "You look really pretty without your glasses." I thanked her and put my glasses back on and went forth with the lesson. Oh the silly, contrived irony of it all.

Dental Hygiene and the wacky tobaccy

I'm a little bit disturbed that not all mouthwash is clear. There's nothing like trying to do something healthy for you mouth only to be left with remnants of green or blue. I miss the bubble gum fluoride rinse from Kindergarten. While it defeats my clear mouthwash I just miss the flavor.

I'm pretty sure our downstairs neighbor smokes pot, to each his own, but we can smell it in our apartment and it stinks...and he's the maintenance guy which would make it semi-awkward to call the main office about.


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