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Paseo Arts Festival
It's my favorite.

The Brother of Jared

I was reading in the Book of Mormon the other day when I came across a story I know and love. I read about the brother of Jared seeing the finger of Christ (the story can be found here in Ether 2-3).

I always thought it was a wonderful story of faith. The brother of Jared had so much faith that he knew Christ could literally light the way for the Jaredites journey. Christ didn't purposely show his finger, he didn't know that the brother of Jared had seen it until 'BJ' told him so. 'Bj's' perfect knowledge made way for Christ to reveal himself unto one he had created.

I'd never caught the other side of the story...

Even if our knowlegde is not perfect, Christ's hand is always extended to light our path, and guide us in the ways he would have us go.

Life goes on, but it's hard to say Goodbye.

Tonight I said a temporary goodbye to a good friend. I'm sure everyone knows how this feels.

My eyes welled up. I tried my best to contain it and succeeded.

I left Jake and Cora to clean up the rest of the dishes after the dinner I made to take a solitary bike ride. When I passed the first dog, I leaned forward to Cora's seat to say "doggy."

I have become programmed to name the world, even id the one I'm making definitions for isn't there.

I made my way along a familiar path:

Up Walker, passed First Christian Church, rode down the hill without braking, east on 38th passed Crown Heights Park, up the steady incline on Shartel, and then I looked at something I've seen hundreds of times only to find something new.

There is a plaque above the doors of Westminster Presbyterian Church that has important dates of founding a completion along with a sort of creed

"To become a complete disciple of Jesus Christ"

I pulled Josephine over to take a picture - I've been doing that of my favorite things in Oklahoma...capturing them so I can write about them. After a moment of looking and feeling these words so deep inside, I got back on Josephine and came to Douglas Park. It is set up on a hill. I'm sitting on a retaining wall, catching bits of the soft breeze in my nostrils as it blows across my face (wind this gentle is a celebration).

I'm listening to the birds and the constant whir of cars of 235 that I've come to love so much. Birds are pecking in the grass, and a train is rolling by. The tall steel transmission towers are sharing their red glow, blinking slowly, on and off...




They are consistent.

To become a complete disciple of Jesus Christ...
I usually don't read too far into things, but complete hasn't settled on a definitive meaning in me yet. Am I complete as a disciple of Christ, or am I always trying to completely become a disciple of Him. In every way.

Maybe I need not feel that my role is just about defining things for others, but about continually pondering what things mean to me.

I don't want everything inside to sit on a shelf waiting for me to get around to it.

from Flying with Lightning Wings (a place for writing that is just for me)


I went to Lamoni, IA to witness Graceland University's graduation. Jake's cousin Katy, her fiance Cooper (you say the oo in the middle like look or book, not like chicken coop...I'm not perfect at it yet), his twin brother Tyler, and a family friend Whitney were all graduating.

Lamoni came to be after the RLDS church purchased land as a gathering place in 1870. The church headquarters moved to Lamoni in 1881, and Graceland (originally Lamoni College) was founded in 1895. Within the last decade-ish, the Amish population has really grown. I can't remember if my brother-in-law, Parker, said they moved from Minnesota or Michigan. Parker went to Graceland for his first two years of college. He moved back to Oklahoma last year to finish his degree at OU.

Graduation was held in the gym, aka Closson. Some people say it looks like a covered wagon, others say mountains. My first impression was a cowboy tipping his hat in my direction (I was facing it directly). What do you think?

Like I said before, Graceland is sponsored by Community of Christ (formerly RLDS). Jake grew up in this church in the Seminole, OK congregation (where the afore mentioned Whitney is from). Every one there is just like family. I love them all very much. Jake's parents, brother and his mom's parents and siblings are active in this congregation. We also knew a few other people graduating because of the closeness and activities (mostly a summer camp called reunion) within mission centers ( like stakes in the LDS church). The church itself really promotes community (if you couldn't tell from the name), and I think Graceland is a great example of that. It's a small university in a small town, and everyone who spoke at both baccaluareate and graduation mentioned something about the people and connections made being the best part of their experience.

When I think of a university, I've always like the anonimity and opportunities that a large university provides. But while I was in Iowa, I thought about how rather than having expereinces and opportunities laid before one at a big institution, one becomes much more responsible for creating their own opportunities and experiences at a smaller university. I also like the idea of going to school in a rural setting - for me anyway. Not so many distractions. The University of Iowa has one of the top creative writing programs. I think part of that is place. I know that my surroundings have a big influence on me. We will be about 3.5 hours away from Iowa City when we're in Chicago. It would be a long shot to get into the program, but wow.

Graduation's theme was "Be the change." It was based on Gandhi's quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I've always loved that. I want to do more to live it.

Community of Christ has a temple in Independence, MO that "... shall be dedicated to the pursuit of peace. It shall be for reconciliation and healing of the spirit.” Every day at 1:00 PM, a Prayer for Peace is offered in the santuary of the temple. They have a strong desire build the kingdom of God (Zion) on earth. This desire naturally leans toward their strong sense of community. I love these things about this church.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I didn't take the camera. Imagine green rolling hills with beautiful, rich green grass and a wide open blue sky.


This weekend I took a trip with family to a little town called Lamoni. It is in Iowa, just past Missouri off of I-35. My LDS readers are saying "Lamoni? Such a place exists?"

Yes. It is home to Graceland University, a place of higher learning with its roots based in the Community of Christ church, formerly known as the RLDS church.

I've been there before, but this time was my favorite. I was a little sad we couldn't spend more time in the rolling hills. Towns like Lamoni are gems, they always end up being some of my favorite places.

I can't wait to write more (like why I was there), but my bed is beckoning me.

Cost of Parking

We park one of our cars in the street in front of our house due to our narrow, shared driveway.

On MLK day 2008, she was hit by a car in a hit and run. I'm pretty sure it was our neighbor's friend who had just dropped her off. I'm also pretty sure they were drunk. It did over a thousand dollars worth of damage.

A few months ago she was hit again. Not as bad, a little dent on the back bumper. We didn't do anything about it.

On Mother's Day we were pulling out of the driveway on our way to church, when Jake let out a small gasp. I looked over to see the back passenger window was shattered. We decided it was a bb due to the spot on the driver's door where they had thankfully missed the window. Lucy, our lovely Stratus, is at the body shop as we speak. The total damage this time, $195.

MLK day damage, $300 (we didn't have it fixed all the way, just undented and touched up - she would have required a new door and front fender)
Mother's Day, $200

We're going to start parking her next door, they have an extra spot. We have a month and a half left, I don't want any more parking fees.

We're going to sell our Fit, and take Lucy with us to Chicago (she's paid for). We got her 3.5 months after we were married, and we're hoping she'll last us for the next 5 years. In addition to the new window, we're also having a bit of engine work done - we're still waiting on the estimate for that one. I'm glad we get to take her with us...but if by chance she fails somewhere along the way, I told Jake we're getting one of these:

I'm not sure yet, but I feel like her name will be Gertrude...if she's a girl, of course.

Looking at the Moon

I used to look at the moon every night. I made sure I saw it.

I have been neglecting this practice for a while...

Tonight I caught a glimpse of it over our house as I was running to the door after taking groceries in [taking groceries in is complicated at our house...it involves stairs and moving cars out of the driveway].

It took a second to register, but when it did I spun around on the top step, jumped off the porch, and took a moment with my dear friend.


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