This weekend I took a trip with family to a little town called Lamoni. It is in Iowa, just past Missouri off of I-35. My LDS readers are saying "Lamoni? Such a place exists?"

Yes. It is home to Graceland University, a place of higher learning with its roots based in the Community of Christ church, formerly known as the RLDS church.

I've been there before, but this time was my favorite. I was a little sad we couldn't spend more time in the rolling hills. Towns like Lamoni are gems, they always end up being some of my favorite places.

I can't wait to write more (like why I was there), but my bed is beckoning me.


  1. That's exactly what I was thinking! I was also wondering, you said took a "little trip" are you that close to Iowa?

  2. Okay, I guess you didn't say little... it was all in my head. Sorry! I would like to hear more about it. I love the mid-west!

  3. I will be looking for your next post about have me curious!!! And pictures, too?



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