Looking at the Moon

I used to look at the moon every night. I made sure I saw it.

I have been neglecting this practice for a while...

Tonight I caught a glimpse of it over our house as I was running to the door after taking groceries in [taking groceries in is complicated at our house...it involves stairs and moving cars out of the driveway].

It took a second to register, but when it did I spun around on the top step, jumped off the porch, and took a moment with my dear friend.


  1. You are so cute! I love you! My mother-in-law is all about the moon too. She will always come into a room at night and make everyone go outside just to see a beautiful moon!

  2. When you and Jake are in Chicago and I am still here in Oklahoma, I will go out and look at the moon and hope you are doing the same! I am going to miss you guys. You will have to post Cora photos more often. Today was Jake's last jury and I saw him right before--made me get a little teary eyed! It seems like yesterday that he first walked into my office and talked about getting married! All in the blink of an eye!

  3. Soon, Cora will be looking up at the sky finding the moon with you.



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