Life goes on, but it's hard to say Goodbye.

Tonight I said a temporary goodbye to a good friend. I'm sure everyone knows how this feels.

My eyes welled up. I tried my best to contain it and succeeded.

I left Jake and Cora to clean up the rest of the dishes after the dinner I made to take a solitary bike ride. When I passed the first dog, I leaned forward to Cora's seat to say "doggy."

I have become programmed to name the world, even id the one I'm making definitions for isn't there.

I made my way along a familiar path:

Up Walker, passed First Christian Church, rode down the hill without braking, east on 38th passed Crown Heights Park, up the steady incline on Shartel, and then I looked at something I've seen hundreds of times only to find something new.

There is a plaque above the doors of Westminster Presbyterian Church that has important dates of founding a completion along with a sort of creed

"To become a complete disciple of Jesus Christ"

I pulled Josephine over to take a picture - I've been doing that of my favorite things in Oklahoma...capturing them so I can write about them. After a moment of looking and feeling these words so deep inside, I got back on Josephine and came to Douglas Park. It is set up on a hill. I'm sitting on a retaining wall, catching bits of the soft breeze in my nostrils as it blows across my face (wind this gentle is a celebration).

I'm listening to the birds and the constant whir of cars of 235 that I've come to love so much. Birds are pecking in the grass, and a train is rolling by. The tall steel transmission towers are sharing their red glow, blinking slowly, on and off...




They are consistent.

To become a complete disciple of Jesus Christ...
I usually don't read too far into things, but complete hasn't settled on a definitive meaning in me yet. Am I complete as a disciple of Christ, or am I always trying to completely become a disciple of Him. In every way.

Maybe I need not feel that my role is just about defining things for others, but about continually pondering what things mean to me.

I don't want everything inside to sit on a shelf waiting for me to get around to it.

from Flying with Lightning Wings (a place for writing that is just for me)

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  1. I'm glad you used the word temporary. I guess you'll get to see a part of me tonight :) Thank you.
    I was thinking of the meaning of the word complete and I can't dissociate it from Jesus Christ. He makes everything complete. All of my work as a mother is not good enough with out his help. Same with my work as a follower of Christ. Maybe the word complete is unnecessary in that sentence because it is quite redundant when used with the word Jesus Christ.



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