Cost of Parking

We park one of our cars in the street in front of our house due to our narrow, shared driveway.

On MLK day 2008, she was hit by a car in a hit and run. I'm pretty sure it was our neighbor's friend who had just dropped her off. I'm also pretty sure they were drunk. It did over a thousand dollars worth of damage.

A few months ago she was hit again. Not as bad, a little dent on the back bumper. We didn't do anything about it.

On Mother's Day we were pulling out of the driveway on our way to church, when Jake let out a small gasp. I looked over to see the back passenger window was shattered. We decided it was a bb due to the spot on the driver's door where they had thankfully missed the window. Lucy, our lovely Stratus, is at the body shop as we speak. The total damage this time, $195.

MLK day damage, $300 (we didn't have it fixed all the way, just undented and touched up - she would have required a new door and front fender)
Mother's Day, $200

We're going to start parking her next door, they have an extra spot. We have a month and a half left, I don't want any more parking fees.

We're going to sell our Fit, and take Lucy with us to Chicago (she's paid for). We got her 3.5 months after we were married, and we're hoping she'll last us for the next 5 years. In addition to the new window, we're also having a bit of engine work done - we're still waiting on the estimate for that one. I'm glad we get to take her with us...but if by chance she fails somewhere along the way, I told Jake we're getting one of these:

I'm not sure yet, but I feel like her name will be Gertrude...if she's a girl, of course.


  1. Be prepared for the maintenance. And potential fire hazard. :-) My YW president had a volvo wagon in high school and it caught fire in front of her house. EEK!
    But they have a really high cost of maintenance so look into all that before you buy one.
    Missed you this weekend.

  2. I name so many things Gertrude! My neighbor's little girl got her first "real" baby doll for Christmas and as a joke i called her Gertrude, the name stuck much to my friends dismay. My GPS is also named Gertrude!

  3. We had the same issue at our house. A couple of years ago I was inside and heard an incredible crashing noise. I walked out and Kyle's truck was in our neighbor's yard. One of the legs of a concrete pumper came loose as he turned the corner and spanked Kyle's truck into the neighbor's yard. It was a total loss.

  4. I can totally see you drive this blue volvo. Brett and I have had his dodge car for almost 9 years now and it is still running in good condition. All we do on it is maintenance stuff, so I hope Lucy will also last you that long, even though sometimes I wished I was driving a spanking brand new car, but what a waste of money when you have a car running well.

  5. Aww, that makes me think of Lou! I miss Lou.
    And she is definitely a Gertrude. That really stinks about Lucy. Hopefully she's enjoying her expensive time at the spa (or would that be the plastic surgeon?)

  6. Your so funny! It took me a minute to realize you were talking about the car! Dustin named all of our cars. They were always Betsy. I like the wagon. I think you'd look great in it!

  7. You're ... I meant you're. YOU'RE an English teacher, so I didn't want you to think my English teacher did a terrible job teaching me.



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