Las Posadas

Tonight we celebrated Las Posadas at the girls' school. It was fun to be with the school community.

WAIT!!!! I can't write one more thing before I tell you what happened.

MAGNOLIA GOT HER CAST OFF!!! It happened this afternoon around 3:30. Exactly six weeks since she broke her leg. [This is Day 137 for anyone who's keeping track.] We're going to celebrate tomorrow by taking an extra long bubble bath.

Her ankle is pretty stiff, just like her knee was when she got out of her full cast. Her sweet teachers carried her around for the journey portion of Las Posadas.

[Magnolia and her teachers]

Before the program began, Cora was running around with her friends. They were all darling. During the program, each class sang a song. Magnolia's class learned Silent Night, and Cora's Away in a Manger. Everyone did a fantastic job. I love spirited children's voices.

This girl is alive.


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