The last few Mondays of my life have been exceptionally good. I have no idea what makes them extra special. There's been a surge of momentum, of ideas, of something. :)

This morning I went to see Wild. I was going to go last night after my girls were in bed, but then I would have missed the Holiday Baking Championship Finale. And I just couldn't do that. Wild was really good and timely. I'm a great believer in "walking it out." This is an extreme version of that. I loved Laura Dern in this film. And the soundtrack. The music was so well placed and moved between characters' thoughts and well-known recordings seamlessly connecting memories to the present.

Before I went to see Wild, like when I was still in my jammies, I took the time to write down words that kept coming to me last night. It felt good. So many good things are lost because I don't write them down. Now if only I could figure out how to make a habit of it. Afterwards, I took a bath and read through part of a collection of poetry. Baths take longer, but they're so productive. Get clean AND read a good book.

My girls and I made sugar cookies after school. Sprinkles and sugar galore! We were using cookie cutters from a safari animal set, but I think we pulled off "Nativity" all right. There was a camel. And a donkey. But for real, imagine the manger scene with elephants and hippos, and a lion, and so on. 

I'm getting really excited for a break from school. We'll be in Arizona for most of this holiday. I'm really excited to see family and friends who I count as such. On that note, I ordered a rug today that I hope will get here before we leave! Cora brought home the sweetest gift for us! She made a Bible Stories Calendar at school. I'm going to love staring at one of her 12 pictures for a month at a time. The card she made brought me to tears. 

Tonight I was watching scenes from old movies, and listening to music that I love (old and new). I played No Envy, No Fear, and Jake asked what it was so I played it again. And then it happened. I got up and danced across the kitchen. Dot's floors were all wood, and perfectly slick and dance-able. I'm almost embarrassed to say how often I would slip on a pair of socks, turn up the music, and spin and glide across the floors. Our apartment is mostly carpet. I've danced around a bit, but nothing like at Dot. Tonight, I happened to be wearing tights, so when I got up, all conditions were perfect. And I found myself loving something about the flooring that I've spent the last 132 days loathing. It's still really ugly, moving in a way I love can't change that. 



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