Pumping at Work

I pump milk for Cora twice a day while I'm at work. I have the Medela Pump In-style Advanced in the backpack version (I LOVE this pump). I have to clean some of the parts after I use it. It's so funny to see women's reactions vs. men's reactions when they see me with my little black backpack. Women just get it. They give an agreeing nod as I go by. Men, on the other hand, always say something. Yesterday, I had two in a row. First man, "Are you heading home for the day?" This is at 8:30 in the morning.

"No, not yet."

"Oh, I just thought with the backpack and all..." He motions as if he's pulling on the straps of his imaginary pack. I didn't want to just come right out and say,

"No, it's my pump." Not because I care, but I think he might blush. As soon as I pass him, another guy asks

"Where are you going?" Now with him I'm not so shy, and I'm already tickled at the irony...

"To the bathroom."

"Oh, and you need to take your pack." This could have been awkward for all kinds of reasons. I just said,

"Yep." Then he just wanted to talk, so we're talking in the hall for like 5 minutes, all the while I'm trying my best to keep inching my way to the restroom.

Maybe men are far more nosey than we give them credit for.


  1. Ha ha! That's funny. You know, the backpack is supposed to make pumping more inconspicuous but I suppose sometimes it draws more attention than it's worth. You should try walking down the hall with just the pump sometime and see if they say anything! I guess that could be a bit worse though, huh? :)

  2. Hey BrieAnn,
    We got a Britax Marathon. We LOVE it so far. Our neighbors have the same one and rave about it although, I'm not sure that the marathon will fit in a car (we have ours in our Jeep). Bekah Lee said they had to get a Britax Roundabout because the Marathon didn't fit in her Altima. I think it might fit, just not rear-facing.



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