Dear Katelynn

I'm driving solo to a family camp just east of Stillwater, and just before getting off of I-35, I started thinking about you and how I haven't seen you in so long. 

Before I knew it, I was bawling my eyes out. I was probably a dangerous driver for a good 10 miles. Here's the deal. I miss you, and I refuse to let a decade go by without seeing you which means before the year is out I hope to find myself in California. 

I'm apologizing in advance if I fall a part when I first see you. I'm starting to tear up again at the thought. I'm about to go without Internet for a week, but I couldn't do that without telling you my plan, so I pulled over on the campus of OSU to write this to you. Yes, I'm mooching their wifi.

Let's see one another in 2013. Deal? We can kick Dino out of your room for one night, and I'll sleep on the floor next to your bed, except we won't sleep. We'll stay up all night talking about everything. And then some.

You're one of the great loves of my life.


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