Sweet Day

Today was the Equality Run. It was a really good event to be at. I enjoyed the messages that were shared, visiting with new and old friends, and getting this bad boy of a medal. You know why on the medal part? It makes me feel like I've just been honored for something at the Kennedy Center. Maybe someday. 

The actual run was "eh" for me. It was an out and back type. No volunteers at intersections to high five. It was around Lake Hefner - not my favorite spot to run. It was hot! So hot. I've never adjusted to humidity. It was humid and there was no breeze. No breeze at all in Oklahoma City is really rare. Oh, and after the first kilometer, I had to tinkle. Super bad. It could have been really embarrassing. And I almost don't know how much I would have cared because that's how bad I needed to go.

After the race, I went home and had some downtime with the girls while Jake was at a rehearsal. I spent my time getting ready for Tarzan, which I took Cora to, as well as trying to be smart about dinner. I wanted a simple good one, so I decided on a pot of beans. When my friend got to Dot to watch Magnolia, I turned the basically done beans off and we went to the show. When we got back from the show, I wanted to do some finishing touches on my pot of that magical fruit. They were going to be perfect. 5 minutes later, I smelled something burning. It was my beans! I tasted them to see if they were still salvageable. Sure, if you like the aftertaste of cigarette smoke. I was bummed. 

We went to Bricktown in hopes of eating at Chelino's, but the place [Bricktown] was busier than I' ever seen. When we finally found a spot to pull over, we regrouped and decided to try something new. Saturn Grill it was. In all of my time in OKC, I have never eaten at this well known establishment. I regret this. It was AMAZING! And if I wasn't trying to stay right on top of our summer budget, I would go there again really soon. And since they opened one in Midtown last year, it will be extra dangerous because it is basically walking distance from Dot. 

Jake was one of the assistant music directors for Tarzan. The performance was done to the best of the shows abilities, but the show itself, which is newer, isn't even on my radar as a favorite. What I really loved was going on a little date with Cora. This was her first "big" show, and she was awesome! I don't get enough alone time with her. She is so smart and curious and tender hearted and lovely. I wish I could take her out, just us, at least once a month.

Jake is also the assistant music director for the King and I. It starts in not quite 2 weeks, and I can't wait. I love a classic musical. I think everything about it will be more up my alley. 

PS: The sunrise this morning was gorgeous. Lovely start to a lovely day.


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