Declaration of my heart out

My mom called me today. She told me something that caused insta-tears...Yesterday, they got rid of Lou. Take a second, okay, has it set in yet?...


They donated her to some Diabetes thing. Yeah yeah, go good cause someone else. Yeah, so what if she just lived parked in their backyard...Big fat deal. That's what she'll be, a big hunk of light blue metal, I guess. Maybe I can hope that won't be her fate. I didn't contact Pimp My Ride soon enough. And I suppose there isn't even "one more try." My heart really hurts, silly, just a car...metal and rubber and fake velvety stuff, but somehow so much heart, too, just like mine. I wonder if I still have the videotape of her. I think I might of taped over was us together at my think spot with the sun setting on the Superstitions. It was our ideal place. I haven't felt entirely complete this whole time without her. Lou...we've laughed and cried and spit and sputtered and loved each other...bits of who I am are all over her. She was from California, ya know. I love her.


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