Graduate School and Scrambled Eggs

Yesterday Jake and I had the first two tomatoes that Tom (our tomato plant) has produced. They were delicious. I can't wait for more to get ripe.

Summer school is going well. I'm taking Biology, Government, and Art Appreciation. They're all on-line. It takes up a whole lot of time. I really love Art Appreciation. Go figure.

I've been looking more and more at graduate schools, well, really just one, the University of Rochester. I am getting so excited! We're going to buy a house when we get there and start a family as soon as we get settled in. WHAT!?!?! That's right. I can't believe it either. Less than two years now. I'm going to get my doctorate in English there...Hopefully. If I get accepted into the program my tuition is covered and I get a stipend to teach the beginning composition classes. I'm really excited about the house. It will be so nice to have more than 495 sq. feet.

I found a laptop that I'm probably going to get when school starts. It's so hard for me to write with a pen and paper anymore. I'll be able to take all of my writing everywhere I go. I always feel bad for the ideas that I lose when I don't right them down right away. I always rethink the gist of what the original thought was, but the wording is never the same...and I tend to like the original wording best...whatever it was.

I'll be going to SPEC again this year. Last year was pretty terrible, but I know what to expect now. I'll take enough stuff to keep myself busy...Maybe I can get my laptop before then...If not I'll take the grammar book that I've been trying to read for a while now. School will be over by then...(We're off on July 23rd).

I recently heard something very troubling. It hurt the hope that I had for someone. I'm leaning on the side of that same hope prevailing.

I have a cousin whose husband passed away in a car accident right after Thanksgiving. They had been married for 3 1/2 months and were on their way home/back to school after the break. She is much better now, but one of the most unlikely things occurred not very long ago. Another cousin of mine got married in the middle of February, this year. Her husband got into a car accident on June 2nd. I found out in the airport on my way to Arizona. At first I heard it wrong and I thought that the messenger had said he "died" in an accident. It was simply "got." But the next sentence was that he had severed his spinal cord. The next day his x-rays looked like they were from two different people. His spinal cord was not severed, but a vertebrate broken. He, Seth, is premed at BYU and she, Kiersty, was recently accepted into the law school there. It might be a few more weeks before they know if he can walk again. I'm so thankful he's alive...but the odds of something so similar. 8 of us, my cousins and I, were all married within about a year and a half of one another (I was third). Two of the eight of us have had completely life-changing events. It makes me far more aware and thankful for all of the little being asked what tie would go best, or getting a phone call because he's lost and having to talk him to where he needs to go...and how he always cooks his scrambled eggs at a temperature that's a little too high and they end up getting burned onto the end of the spatula and I go through a ritual of soaking and scraping...and everything.


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