Super Bargain Finder BrieAnn

Super Bargain Finder BrieAnn

Today is my study day, not just today, but all Tuesdays. I did write a paper today, that I am proud of, and can say that I am not behind, but cought up, which is good, but being ahead might be a little better. Instead of using this study day to its full advantage here is what I have done:

I found like record cheap tickets to Hawaii, and I bought them. Yep, that's right, it's official, Jake and I are going to be in Hawaii July 14-August 1. I already have my swimsuit and everything...maybe I'll take two! Muah ah ah. So while Jake is taking part in the music festival, I hope to spend as much time at the beach as possible....And I also want to spend as much time writing as possible!

Aside from Hawaii, which is terribly exciting, I had a chocolate shake, This wasn't just any chocolate shake, it was like creamy chocolate syrup. MmmmHmmm. First I wanted my oatmeal cookie shake, but they didn't have that kind of ice in my dismay I asked what the most "chocolatey" ice cream was...the man looked perplexed and I said, "I'll just have a chocolate shake." He said, "I can put some chocolate syrup in, too." I exitedly shook my head in agreement. It was great.

So Arizona was a blast. We redid my parents' kitchen. It turned out really nice. I can't wait for them to fix the rest of their house up, and I really can't wait for my own fixer-upper. Aside from the good times with family, I was a little sad I didn't see many people. I didn't have a lot of time this trip, but still. I brought something for Sarah Keller that I didn't even call her to arrange possibly picking up, but I did spot her mom's house while hiking in the Superstitions. That was really fun. We didn't make it all the way to Flatiron because, lets face it, I'm not in the best shape anymore. I think if we would have brought some food we might have made it. Where we ended up was beautiful though. I can't wait for Jake to see the top. I was impressed with how much of it I ran down (I know, down is down, but running is still running). I miss running in the desert....there's something about the ground. All of the tan, fine pebbles I suppose.

Hmm, anything else? I guess I can save whatever else I might be thinking of for a later time.

I just had a thought....When I'm a teacher, in a little over a year, I wonder if my students will find me on myspace...that might be a little weird, huh?


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