Too much to Say

I have been meaning to write so many things in here for a while. First, please don't be offended by my new picture. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes when they brought out the lobster and I knew I was responsible for in being on a platter looking But I did get to wear a cool bib...

I'm going to write a lot more when I'm not as tired, but I just wanted to say that I'm so happy for the last few people who have found me on myspace...all former flag girls, Rachel, Alicia, and Trini - Three girls I love very much and am happy to hear from. I'm also glad that I got a message from my sister. I miss her and feel like I'm missing out on so much of her life. And finally, I never got to thank Sarah Keller for calling me on my birthday. I know I'm late getting around to it, but it really meant a lot.


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