I'm tired and I started coughing about 5 minutes ago and haven't really stopped and the result seems to be an achy chest. So what do I do? Visit myspace. I was looking through my Senior Year yearbook this afternoon. All of the "I hope we stay in touch" messages made me feel a little sentimental. I really wish I would have honored some of them, even though they're more filler writing for situations like signing yearbooks. After I read through them I looked up all of the people who are on here who graduated with me. It was fun. I'm amazed at how many people are married and/or have started families. I found a flag girl who I hadn't heard anything about after hearing that she was deploye din the Navy when the War in Iraq happened, maybe it was the War on Terror, they blur together to me. She is both a wife and the mother of two.

I was also looking for a boy who graciously asked me to a dance after my date bailed to go with his ex-girlfriend ( who then became his girlfriend again, only to become his ex-girlfriend a few weeks later). This boy was a year younger and sat behind me in math. This was the conversation between me and the football boys who sat next to me: "Yeah, he bailed to go with "her." And whatever else we might have said...and a few minutes into the lesson the boy who I was trying to find today leaned up and said, "Well why don't you let me take you." I didn't understand how brave he was being when I said, "I didn't really want to go anyway." But I think that stands as one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done in the sweetest kind of way.


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