Okay, so the following poem is by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I love it. I enjoy her, but what on earth is a blackberry hoop. I think it's maybe something that blackberry bushes grow around...? But dim with purple chalk?...the blackberry juices? I wouldn't think they'd "chalk." This may all be really silly, what do you think?


Just a rainy day or two
In a windy tower,
That was all I had of you--
Saving half and hour
Marred by greeting passing groups
On a cinder walk,
Near some naked blackberry hoops
Dim with purple chalk.

I remember three or four
Things you said in spite,
And an ugly coat you wore,
Plaided black and white.

Just a rainy day or two,
And a bitter word.
Why do I remember you
As a singing bird?


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