Go Me. Yo kids is growin' out de clothes, Go sew! - It's late, can you tell?

It's a quarter 'til midnight. I just finished making one of two holiday skirts - Magnolia's to be exact. I'm sacked, but I still have clean-up from the last few hours of sewing.

Yes, I was sewing on the floor. I think it should qualify as a new yoga pose. "And now we're moving into 'Sewing on the floor.'" Let me just tell you, I rocked the crocodile at yoga today. My hair is letting me know it's time for bed. Over and out.

PS: I'll post pictures of the skirts when they're on the girls. You'll fail to notice my imperfections then. ;)


  1. BrieAnn
    you have gorgeous blue eyes~
    great yoga!!! I wish exercise was in my normal routine...i only do it once in a while. I am impressed



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