The thing about sleep is that I miss it so.

For the last 16 months I've gotten approximately 6 hours of interrupted sleep each night. Note interrupted.

I have a sixteen-month-old, but she might as well be a newborn still, except we're used to one another. And she doesn't poop as much.

She's teething right now, like major teething. This past week has been worse than usual in the sleep department.

It started on Saturday (you know 8 days ago). We were in Holdenville at Jake's parents. I went to bed at 10:30 after a riveting International House Hunters. They have cable, we don't, but I'm still addicted to HGTV. I can't help myself.

So just as I went to bed, Magnolia woke up. And stayed up, until 2:30. At 2:15, Jake and I hit the streets of H-ville with Magnolia in her car seat. She was out surprisingly fast. By the time we got home and her in bed (yes, she miraculously stayed asleep between the car and her bed, though I was completely prepared to sleep in the car), and fell asleep, it was around 3:00. We woke up around 7:30. 4.5 hours of sleep. Nice.

One night during the past week, she only woke up once, it was a miracle, but since then, she's been waking up about 3 times a night. Just about every 3 hours on the dot. Newborn baby sleep pattern for sure.

She's still nursing, but we're in the weaning phase, I thought. I think it comes down to this: She doesn't have the ability to self-soothe just yet. She gave up her paci, that thing she was never too interested in, before she was 1. Cora kept that for a really long time. She doesn't have a little animal or blanket she's completely attached to. Cora loved to rub the little tags on beanie babies. She has me, and like I said, she is majorly teething, like 3 molars plus another tooth just for fun.

I'm just way deep down tired. My reserves are just about empty. I can feel it. I've been fantasizing about a cool room with a soft hum and a fluffy white comforter on a big bed that is all mine. And hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep.


  1. How can I help? Could I take Magnolia for an afternoon? Or come to your house and watch her while you sleep? Or make dinner one night? Or steal you for a girls' night?

  2. girl....i know exactly how you feel except my "new born" is an almost 4 year old little boy who likes to wake up several times a night! when you find that luxury room let me know and i'll come and share! i promise not to spoon ya....haha!

  3. Andrew was a terrible sleeper and still is if I am anywhere he can see me. We put him in his own room at 4 months and he sleeps like a champ. Even when he was teething he still slept great and would maybe wake up once. We quit driving around with him around that same time and he has learned pretty well how to self soothe. If he wakes up he'll typically make noise for a few minutes and go back to sleep. He goes to bed typically around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps for 12 hours.

  4. I wish you good luck on finding that special room or even just a few hours one afternoon where you can pretend you are in that room and sleep :)



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