Weekly Menu and a Partial Shopping List

I'm pretty excited about this weeks menu. There are some oldies but goodies and some newbies I've been looking forward to trying. [I really did just say oldie, newbie, and goodie in the same sentence.]

The mail just got here. I love our mail carrier. When I was putting Christmas lights on our house, he was eating lunch in his mail car with a perfect view of what was happening. It made me feel good to know that someone would be able to offer assistance if I needed it, and it made me feel a little self-conscious because I was pretending to be way taller than I am in order to make the 6 ft. ladder work. On the second day of my pursuits, he delivered our mail and told me, with a smile, I was being dangerous. It's good to know your mail carrier has your back. I might leave him a valentine in our box.

I went to the Midtown Y for the first time today. What in the world?!? It's amazing. Super beyond amazing. My favorite, hands down. It's small and cute, and the girl in charge of the child watch is a student of Child Development at UCO. And her and her husband just became vegetarian. She looks really familiar to me, and I to her, but we couldn't come up with a connection. Anyway, I even did some strength training. Like on the machines. Which I never do. Because I didn't ever want to sit at one and go "uh-buh." But today I didn't care. And I rocked some leg presses [and other things] in an attempt to work my bottom half.

My cardio for the day was some interval work on the treadmill. I went for 30 minutes and like 2.5 miles, I think. I laughed about it. My record time/distance was 19-ish minutes for 3.1 miles. I mean, this very body that I still occupy did that once upon a time. I already confessed to someone the other day that I don't like running much [at all]. I really want to, sort of. Is it one of those mind over matter things? Tomorrow is yoga - my real true love. [Unfortunately not at the Midtown. Unfortunately not less than a mile from my house. I will drive those 25 minutes with pride, though.]

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