Tots on a Thursday Night

My throat started hurting when we were on our way home from Fin and Feather. It's a craft show/flea market/junkin' spot all set on an old resort on Lake Tenkiller. My favorite thing we got: A very large frame. So large we're having difficulty getting it home. But it's awesome. When I got home, I took 2500 mg of vitamin c and went to bed. Aside from some wheezing while I was running the Hot Mamas Run on Sunday, I felt like I was staying on top of staying well...until I woke up Tuesday and one side of my face was swollen. I took suphedrine, pulled out my flonase, and was just about to curse the fact that I had another sinus infection. Luckily, I think thanks to large quantity of vitamin c I took, I'm on the mend. This is record time. Today my nose has been a leaky faucet though, but I'm glad my face isn't swollen.  

The Hot Mamas Run: I entered a giveaway sponsored by Keep It Local and won free registration. That was super exciting. The run was at Mitch Park and was the first race in Oklahoma just for women. I really like the idea behind the run as well as getting to be part of the first event. I'm sure it will be recurring. The only thing I didn't like: the logo. It transformed the image of a woman most often found on mud flaps, bumpers, and/or the signs for "gentlemen's" clubs and made her appear to be running. Of all the images/silhouettes of a woman they could have used, that one was pretty disappointing. The course through Mitch Park surprised me with its hilliness. Hilliness and wheezing aside, I was happy with the results. I placed 82/676 overall, and in my age division 17/118. 5ks are my favorite races. I think it's the sense of familiarity.

Jake took Cora to the dress rehearsal for Cosi fan tutte tonight. They were pretty much leaving at the same time Parker was leaving (Parker was able to join us for dinner after dropping their parents off at the airport). Cora was getting her shoes and coat on, and Magnolia followed me saying, "My sweater. My sweater." I put it on her, and she was ready to go. BUT...she wasn't going anywhere. I decided to take her on a bike ride so she wouldn't feel left out from doing something. We rode through downtown and over to Bricktown where we stopped at Sonic and got some tater-tots.

We got in some fantastic people watching. There was a group of about 25 college kids who met at the tables near us, laid down some rules, and then split for a photo scavenger hunt. It made me laugh. Magnolia talked to me the whole time, naming everything she could see,  and asking me what some things were. She made her way through the tots v e r y  s l o w l y. On the ride home, I thought she might fall asleep, and I'm sure she would have if she hadn't still been talking. I loved this little evening. I like the contrast between day and night of familiar places. People in the library were much more visible through the windows. It was Thursday night, so there was a group performing on the roof of the art museum. Their sound carried for several blocks. I haven't seen the chairs lit up at the memorial in a long time. My sweet little Goo and me riding around while the "sun was hiding" on a crisp fall night.


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