Magnolia and the Junk Jar

My mother-in-law has glass jars full of trinkets around her house. Some have a theme, like they're all marbles, others are all dice, some have a mix of lots of different things. These jars full of stuff are called junk jars. While staying with Jake's parents for 7 weeks before moving to Chicago, Cora discovered these jars. She loved emptying them, playing with their contents, then reloading them and starting all over again. My mother-in-law gave Cora her very own junk jar. It's an old Peter Pan peanut butter jar. Magnolia now loves playing with it. She can easily spend 30 minutes doing the same thing Cora would do.

Yesterday, I put my hand over the opening of the jar when she was trying to put something in, and she thought it was the funniest things. I went and grabbed the camera and we kept playing for quite a while. Both of my girls get hiccups when they laugh. ;)

[I love her little after-nap-fly-aways]



  1. That was adorable! I love her giggles and hiccups!

  2. So fun! I can't believe how big your girls are getting! I haven't seen them in way too long...

  3. This caused everyone at our house to come to see what was so funny...her giggle is definitely contagious. Love that girl. And I'm so glad the junk jar legacy continues on.



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