Beets and Babes

I was never hesitant about sharing how much I didn't like beets. My standard answer, "I think they taste like dirt."

I could have never guessed that the day would come when I would actually crave beets. All the time. What changed? I roasted them. Roasted beets are amazing! The first time I made them, I followed this recipe by Bobby Flay. I pretty much ate three large beets right there in my kitchen.

Tonight, I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner in a speedy way after I realized I'd used the tofu I needed for a dinner recipe in the pasta I made for lunch. Oops. I looked in the veggie drawer in our fridge and saw three lovely beets looking at me. I also saw about seven avocados. I love beets. I love avocados. But beets + avocados?

I did a quick google search, and sure enough, people had combined them. Does your kitchen feel naked without avocados, too? I hate to run out. I opted for this Roasted Beet and Avocado salad. I sent a quick text to Jake because we didn't have any lemons (another thing my kitchen feels underprepared without). He came home with a bag of Meyer Lemons. I made the dressing with them before I knew that they were a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. The dressing was delightful with this little hybrid.

This salad was AMAZING! The sweetness of the beets with the slight tartness of the dressing, and then the creamy chunks of avocados. Heavenly. And just a side note: I followed the directions for roasting beets by Bobby Flay rather than the salad recipe because it takes a lot less time.

And another story about Magnolia:

Today we were driving home from school when she saw an airplane and its exhaust trail in the sky. She asked what it was, I explained (she'd asked earlier that morning why there was smoke coming out of our car), and she was satisfied. Here's the rest of our conversation.

B: Where do you think the airplane is going?
M: Probably heaven.
B: Why's it going to heaven?
M: So it can give Jesus a ride to earth.
B: Why is Jesus going to come to earth?
M: So he can see his parents.
B: Mary and Joseph?
M: Yes. Mary and Joseph.
M: And there will be a lion that will try to eat Mary, and Jesus will stop him so he can't eat Mary.

On that note, she has been concerned about things trying to eat her. I used to play like I was going to eat her arms, or cheeks, or feet. She would laugh because I was tickling her as well. Then one day she said: 

M: Mom! You can't eat me.
B: Why not?
M: Because Jesus made me special.

She has since been concerned, at various times, that alligators, lions, and most recently, dinosaurs will eat her. But she always comes to the conclusion that they can't because Jesus made her special. 


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