Too often, God, your name is used

Too often, God, your name is used to sanction hate and fear, so love and justice are refused to people you hold dear. 
O never let us use your name to harm or hurt or kill or consecrate a vicious aim as your almighty will.

But move through us in deeds that spell your name as Love and Light, for faithful actions far excel beliefs that we recite.
Let naming you through how we live become our public creed: the clearest witness we can give is meeting human need.

And keep us ready to receive the good that others do, that helps expand what we believe and why we trust in you.
For where deep love and justice meet we see anew your face and for a moment glimpse complete the world transformed by grace.

That vision opens wide the church to look beyond its walls, to honor all who ask and search for where your Spirit calls. 
Their questions and their wondering help us more fully claim our mission as an offering that glorifies your name.  

- Thomas H. Troeger


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