Magnolia Jane McInnes Johnson is 4

Four years ago, these girls became sisters.  

Bringing Magnolia into the world was exhilarating. Four hours of labor. Twenty minutes of pushing. And a perfect little babe in my arms. Six pounds, one ounce, born at 4:08 on the very morning we made it to 37 weeks. Full-term.

She keeps me on my toes, and is a constant by my side. She makes me laugh, and challenges me to think outside the box with her strong will. She says my kisses are yucky, but still loves to get them, and give me hers. She has a vibrant imagination. She often sings to herself and spends a lot of time role playing with objects. She enjoys dancing and listening to music. It's a tragedy in our house when we run out of berries - any kind. Her current favorites are raspberries. 

She's a picky eater, and if she doesn't love what's for dinner, she requests salad and bread with "salad sauce" to dip it in. Sometimes she just wants bread with either "kep-itch" or "bar-buh-chew" sauce for a dip. She loves strawberry ice cream and Popsicles.

One of her favorite things to do is swing. Within the last month-and-half, she's learned to pump her legs and swing herself. While she's shy, she's also pretty fearless, except when bugs are concerned. She only wears dresses. And she loves capes and crowns, and jewels, and her dress-up high heel shoes. 

She is a light, and I love her, and I can't believe she is four. 


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