Fairy House

Not long before bed, Magnolia decided she wanted to build a fairy house. I was working on cleaning up the kitchen, and she was asking Cora and me, "What else?"

The manger portion of our nativity was randomly packed in a tub of shoes and clothes that Cora outgrows that I think are worth saving for Magnolia. Their blessing dresses, little hospital hats, and a few other cute things were also in the tub. I reorganized and put everything away except for the manger. Seeing it was M's inspiration.

It includes a lovely coin path. I wanted to take a picture of Magnolia with her fairy house. She had the Peace street sign up, and she excitedly declared it said, "Fairy." When I told her it said Peace, she said, "Well, we can pretend like it says Fairy." I pointed out that it had five letters like Fairy, and I thought it would work. She counted the letters, and was very proud of the connection. When it came time to smile….Well, you'll see.

Someday when we have a backyard/any yard, we're going to make the most amazing fairy houses ever. But really, I don't know how any could top this one. Missing from the photos is a tiny bowl with three cashews in it. Sunflower seeds would have made more sense for a fairy, but we didn't have any. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to go eat three cashews minus a few crumbs. 

Today's positives:
1. Fairy Houses

2. Lazy Saturdays. We worked around the house getting some more things in order. Like the girls' room. It has been the one most in need of help. When we moved here, we thought that the two bedrooms would be more similar in size. One is much smaller. Jake and I were going to take it, but the way it's set up, and the extra built-in closet made more sense for organizing the girls' things. All that's fine and good, but floor space is still a premium. There will be more tweaking soon.

3. Trader Joe's. I've been an emotional eater. And you can walk into a Trader Joe's, and all of your impulse buys will come in under $20. At Whole Foods, leaving for less than $40 is a miracle. Perhaps a positive attached to me and the frozen, easily prepare-able delights at Trader Joe's is the fact that I got rid of our scale when we moved here. I also ordered a new pair of running shorts today. I'm also starting to crave raw food again. Phew.

And lastly….  
My mind has been flooded with memories of my friend, Dan. He passed away on Thursday. I can't stop thinking about him. I still don't have any words for all of it. For any of it. Between fairy houses, and finding places for things, and eating food because it's something to do, tears are starting to flow. The truth is I haven't seen him in ten years. But he's connected to a different place in my heart and mind. It's a place where time stands still.


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