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I get lots of questions about what we eat. Because we follow a vegan diet, I understand that people are naturally curious. I don't mind the questions because I love to talk about food. Not just talk about it, I love to make and eat good food. I wear the "Foodie" badge with pride. I must tell you a disclaimer, I say that I am 99.8% vegan.

Why 99.8%?

Simple. I like pie. And quite a few other sweet things. I leave room to indulge without worrying about maintaining a label.

A confession:
I have been super slacking in the cooking department. Before moving from Oklahoma to L.A., I was a regular weekly menu planner. I would select from new and old recipes to get a total of 5-7 meals for dinner, depending on what we had going on in a particular week. After I made my selections, I'd move on to making a grocery list based on the ingredients in the recipes. Of course I would add in staples like milk, bread, and things to snack on like fruit, veggies, nuts/seeds, um.... and something covered in chocolate.

I miss my weekly menu. It keeps me on my toes in a really good way. I'd like to start posting our meal plans here.

Without further ado...

Super Vegan Bowl with Parsley Cashew Pesto -

Mushroom Bourguignon - The Simple Veganista

Orzo Salad - Supermarket Vegan

Mashed Chickpea Salad - The Simple Veganista

Roasted Buddha Bowl - Oh She Glows

Rip's Sweet Potato Bowl - The Engine 2 Diet

Everyday Nourish Bowl - The Simple Veganista



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