If the Super Blood Moon really did mean the world was ending

I can see a faint reflection of myself in the mirror leaning against a wall a few feet from me. My room is lit softly from the glow of my phone and the glow of the moon making its way out of total eclipse. I am sitting here in my underwear between my bed and the window, eating jalapeño chips, staring up at the sky and watching our collective shadow fade. There you are in Oklahoma. And New York and Tennessee and Italy and Kansas and Arizona and Vietnam. I see us all as we're sailing through this galaxy together, making a pass between the sun and our moon.

If tonight would have marked the end of the world, as some believe might happen during an event such as this, I think I'd be okay with it. I passed thousands of people spread out on lawns, standing on street corners, climbing hills, set, perched, poised, all looking up. Just like me. There are times when I am so in-love with humanity. This is one of those times. If it all has to come to an end, please let it be on a night like this. When we're all seeking and sharing what is so much bigger than us. When we're all looking up together.

[Photo Credit: Michael Anderson, owner of Performing Arts Photography in Oklahoma]


  1. There is something about nights/events like this that brings out the community in everyone. I wish it would last.

  2. You are beautiful and wise and kind and wonderful! I miss you (all of you!).



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